Prehistory & Neolithic Revolution (Chapter 1) 
TIMELINE: Ancient History
  BBC - History: Ancient History in-depth
  The Ancient World 
  Timeline: 60,000 to 4000 BCE 
  Timeline: 4000 to 2001 BCE 
  World Map, 20,000-8000 B.C. | Timeline of Art History 
  TIMELINE: Hominid Species 
  Hominid Evolution: 5,000,000 to 25,000 BC  
  Geologic Time Chart 
  CyberMuseum: Early Humans
  Stone Age Habitats
  The cave of Lascaux 
  Foraging Societies: From 30,000 BC
  Settled Agriculture: 8000-6500 BC    
  Agricultural Revolution
  Primary Urban Society: 3500 BC-AD 700 
  Early Humans - Index 
  Prehistoric People
  Stone Pages Prehistorama
  The Paleolithic Diet Page What the Hunter/Gatherers Ate - Would you believe, this is the hottest diet around TODAY!?!
  BBC - History: Archaeology in-depth
  BBC - History: British Prehistory
  What is Civilization?
  For much more, check out Mrs. Oz's General Ancient History website.

  Mesopotamia, Egypt, & the Hebrews (Chapter 2) 
  TIMELINE: Ancient History 
  The Ancient World 
  EyeWitness To The Ancient World
  Timelines of Art History The World (BC/BCE) 
  BBC - Mesopotamia
  Ancient Western Asia and the Civilization of Mesopotamia 
  Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Mesopotamia 
  MrDonn.org - Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations 
  Iraq History Timeline 5000BC-2002AD
  More Mesopotamia 
  The Sumerians 
  The Avalon Project : The Code of Hammurabi
  The Code of Hammurabi
Ancient Scripts Timeline 
  Evolution of Cuneiform Characters 
    Phoenician Ships
  Evolution of Phoenician Alphabet
  BBC - History: Egyptians
  Ancient Egypt History.com Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts
  The History of Ancient Egypt
  PBS - Egypt's Golden Empire
  Ancient Egypt - Guardian's Egypt
  Egyptian Timeline
  Egypt | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
  NOVA Online/Pyramids -- The Inside Story
  Welcome to Neferchichi's Tomb at neferchichi.com
  Daily Life Ancient Egypt
  The Goddesses and Gods of Ancient Egypt
  Pyramids and Temples Menu
  Ancient Egypt - Menu page
  Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation 
  Search for Tut 
  The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  For more on Ancient Mesopotamia, visit Mrs. Oz's Ancient River Valley Civilizations website.  For more on Pyramids & Pharaohs, visit Mrs. Oz's Ancient Egypt website.

Ancient India & China (Chapter 3)
  Ancient China - History for Kids!
  Ancient China - The British Museum
  Kids Konnect - Ancient China
  Ancient China
  EAWC: Ancient China
  Daily Life in Ancient China - Welcome to Ancient China!
  Ancient China by History Link 101
    Ancient India - The British Museum
  BBC - History: Ancient India
  Ancient India - History for Kids
  Harappan civilization in India - Dravidian Culture
  The Buddha | PBS
  India's Caste System - India Caste system - Caste System in India - India - Caste and Class - The Caste Syetem of Ancient India
  Ancient India
  Daily Life in Ancient India - Welcome to Ancient India!
  More Ancient India
  EAWC: Ancient India 
  Indo-European Languages
  The Silk Road - Ancient Pathway to the Modern World - The silkroad foundation - SILK ROAD CHRONOLOGY - The History of Spices - Spice Encyclopedia
  Terracotta Warriors
  WHTour: Terracotta Army 
For many sites, check out Mrs. Oz's Ancient River Valley Civilizations website.

  Ancient Greece (Chapter 4)
  TIMELINE: Ancient History
  Timeline of Ancient Greece
  Greek Chronology
  TIMELINE: Alexander the Great 
  MAP: Mycenaean and Minoan Civilizations
  MAP: Greece and her Colonies
  MAP: Ancient Greece
  BBC - History: Greeks
  The ANIMATED map as history: Ancient Greece: a world in evolution
  The ANIMATED map as history: Ancient Greece: Athenian Democracy
  The Greeks
  Greeks Interactive
  The Ancient Greek World
  EAWC: Ancient Greece 
  Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Greece
   Greece: History
  Ancient Greek Civilizations  
  Greek History - History for Kids! 
  Daily Life Ancient Greece
  HWC, The Persian Wars  
  ART HISTORY RESOURCES: Ancient Greece & Rome
  Greek and Roman Art in the Ancient World
  Greek Thought: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle
  The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games | Introduction
  The Olympic Games in the Ancient Hellenic World: A Virtual Museum
  Family Tree of Greek Mythology
  Alexander the Great on the Web
  Alexander the Great 
For many more sites, check out Mrs. Oz's Ancient Greece website.

  Ancient Rome (Chapter 5) 
  Frequently Asked Questions About the Roman Empire
  UNRV History - Roman Empire
  PBS: The Roman Empire in the First Century
  BBC - History: Romans - More BBC - Romans 
  The Roman Empire
  Rome: Contents 
  Early Roman Timeline 
  Rome: Map of the Empire
  Roman Law: Questions and Answers
  The Roman Empire - The First Caesars
  Roman Emperors - The Imperial Index 
  Imperial Battle Map Index
  Major Battles in Roman History
  Roman Military
  Chronology of the Emperors
  Ancient Rome: Daily Life
  Roman Mythology
  Leisure and Entertainment
  Roman Numerals
  Roman Achievements
  The Great Builders 
  Famous Romans
  Roman Gods
  Evils of Rome
  Pompeii, AD 79
  Gladiator - The British Museum
  Roman Engineering
  Construction and Makeup of Roman Roads 
  Ancient Roman Aqueducts
  Evolution of Latin Characters
   Roman Life - Roman Family - Roman Families and Children - Life In Roman Times. 
  Behind the Name: Ancient Roman Names  
  Rome's Decline and Christianity's Ascent, to 306 CE   
  Jews and Christians in Rome's Golden Age
    frontline: from jesus to christ - the first christians 
  Why Rome Fell 
For many more sites, visit Mrs. Oz's Ancient Rome website.

    Could You Survive as a Hunter-Gatherer? - Could you survive today as a hunter gatherer?
  Early Humans - Games, Interactive Activities
   Write Like a Babylonian - your initials in Cuneiform - cuneiform calculator
  Online Hieroglyphics Translator - Hieroglyphic Name Translator
   Clickable Mummy
  BBC - Mummy Maker
  BBC - Pyramid Challenge
  The Tomb of Perneb | Explore & Learn
  Ancient Egypt Quiz -- National Geographic
  Welcome to Senet: The Interactive Game from Ancient Egypt
  Shipwreck: An Ancient Sea Trade Game
   Your name in Hebrew
  Quia - Ancient India Battleship
   Game | The Buddha | PBS 
  History of China Game 
   Maps.com -- Asia Map Game
  India Quiz -- National Geographic 
  Asia - geography online games
  Quia - The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  Shipwreck: An Ancient Sea Trade Game
  EAWC Quiz: Greek Mythology 
  Odyssey Game - Choose your character
  Greek-Gods.Info Mythology Quiz
  Greek Mythology Fun Fact Quiz
  Mystery of the Broken Vase 
  Assemble Alexander's Army
  Ancient Greece - Penalty Shootout
  Ancient Greek Medicine - Beat 'da Bomb game   
  INTERACTIVE DIAGRAM: Why were the Romans successful Empire builders?
    BBC GAME - Death in Rome
  BBC GAME - Gladiator: Dressed to Kill Game
  BBC GAME - Roman Sacrificial Blade - CDX
  BBC VIRTUAL TOUR - Housesteads Fort  
  Emperor of Rome Game 
  Who Are You? 
  Ancient Rome - Fling the Teacher - Interactive game 
  Quia - Scavenger Hunt - Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii im 79 AD 
  Pompeii - A Day in the City Game 
  Ancient Greek and Roman Myth in Film
    EyeWitness to History - history through the eyes of those who lived it
  NameVoyager: Baby Name Wizard Graph of Most Popular Baby Names by Year
  Ancient History in the Movies - Medieval History in the Movies - Modern History in the Movies
  Fling the Teacher - Interactive History games
  More Interactive History Games