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 KEY CONCEPTS - PERIOD 2 (600 BCE - 600 CE)  





Period 2 - Organization and Reorganization, 600 BCE - 600 CE, Strayer Chapters 3-6


Timelines & General Resources
  Worldipedia: Key Concept 2.1, Key Concept 2.2, Key Concept 2.3
Textbook Practice Tests: Chapters 4-8 (Bulliet Text)
  Periods 1-2 Review (to 600CE) - Cram Packet: Periods 1-2, to 600 CE
   TIMELINE: 4.5 billion – 1B.C.
  TIMELINE: 1000 BCE to 500 CE
Timeline of History: 4.3 million Years Ago to 2015 
The Met's Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History 
  World History Timeline History map of the world
  Classical Civilizations
   History Topics - History.com Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts
  Ancient History — History.com Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts
  BBC - History: Ancient History in-depth
  EyeWitness To The Ancient World
    What the Ancients Knew - Greece - YouTube - What the Ancients Knew - Rome - YouTube - What the Ancients Knew - India - YouTube - What the Ancients Knew - Japan - YouTube - What the Ancients Knew - China - YouTube
  Historical Atlas of the Mediterranean
  Indian Ocean in World History
  The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  HistoryWorld - History and Timelines
  Exploring Ancient World Cultures
  All Empires: Online History Community
   The Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania, 1000 BCE to 500 CE
  Asia for Educators | Columbia University
  WOMEN IN THE ANCIENT WORLD - Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World
   The Art of Asia
  Chinese Dynasty Guide - Guide to Japanese Historical Periods - Guide to Korean Historical Periods
  10 Forgotten Ancient Civilizations - Listverse
  Perseus Digital Library
For more, visit Mrs. Osborn's General Ancient History page.


New Civilizations in Western Eurasia
(Celts, Assyrians, Hebrews, Phoenicia, & Carthage)
1200 – 250 BCE

  Celtic Europe - The Celts - HISTORY OF THE CELTS
  HistoryWorld - Celts Timeline

   History of Assyrians - Ancient Tablets Decoded; Shed Light on Assyrian Empire - All Empires - Assyria

  Worldipedia: Key Concept 2.1 - Emergence of Religions (Hebrew Monotheism to Judaism)
The Hebrews - Who Were the Hebrews?
  YouTube - PBS: Heritage: Civilization and the Jews
  Internet Jewish History Sourcebook - HISTORY OF JUDAISM
  Hebrews, A History Of The Hebrews Including Solomon - Hebrew History at hebrewhistory.com
  Main Events In The History Of Jerusalem Timeline - Map of Israel and Judah to 733 BCE
  Old Testament Life and Literature - WOMEN IN ANCIENT ISRAEL
  Evolution of Hebrew Characters from Phoenician via Aramaic

Phoenicians & Carthage
  THE PHOENICIANS - Phoenicians history - The Phoenicians 
Phoenicia, Phoenician Ships, Navigation and Commerce
  Evolution of Phoenician Characters
  HISTORY OF CARTHAGE - Carthage - Carthage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  Punic Wars - Punic Wars & Hannibal of Carthage (covered in Ancient Rome lecture)



  Causes and effects of human migration (video) | Khan Academy
  Bantu expansion - Wikipedia


AN AGE OF EMPIRES (600 BCE - 600 CE) [Persia, Greece, Rome, Han, Gupta, Maya, Moche)
Worldipedia: Key Concept 2.2, The Development of States & Empires
Khan Academy: Second Wave Civilizations - Comparing the Rise & Fall of Empires



Persian Empire
  Achaemenid Empire - The Achaemenid Persian Empire (550–330 B.C.)
  A Brief History of Persian Empire - History of the Persian Empires
Khan Academy: Ancient Persia
  The Persian Empire - HISTORY OF IRAN (PERSIA)
  BBC - Religion: Zoroastrianism
  Neil MacGregor: 2600 years of history in one object - YouTube - The cylinder of Cyrus the Great
  The Persian Wars - The Persian Wars - Greco-Persian Wars (covered in lecture on Ancient Greece)




Ancient Greece
  Timeline of Ancient Greece - Greek Chronology - TIMELINE: Alexander the Great 
  MAP: Mycenaean and Minoan Civilizations - MAP: Greece and her Colonies - MAP: Ancient Greece
Khan Academy: Ancient Greece - Khan Academy: Greek Art History
Khan Academy: Alexander the Great
  BBC - History: Greeks - Ancient Greece
  What the Ancients Knew - Greece - YouTube
  The ANIMATED map as history: Ancient Greece: a world in evolution
  The ANIMATED map as history: Ancient Greece: Athenian Democracy
  The Greeks 
  The Ancient Greek World - EAWC: Ancient Greece 
  Barbarians and Bureaucrats: Minoa, Mycenae, and the Greek Dark Ages
  Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Greece
  Greek Mythology — History.com
  Ancient Greece - Greece: History - Ancient Greek Civilizations  
  Greek History - History for Kids! - Daily Life Ancient Greece
   The Persian Wars (see Persian Empire above for more links)
  ART HISTORY RESOURCES: Ancient Greece & Rome - Greek and Roman Art in the Ancient World
  The Athenian Origins of Direct Democracy
  Aristotle on Democracy
  Greek Thought: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle
  The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games | Introduction 
  Pericles' Funeral Oration
  The Peloponnesian War
  Family Tree of Greek Mythology
  Alexander the Great on the Web Alexander the Great  
  Greco-Buddhism Art - ThingLink - Syncretism
  MAP: Hellenistic World after the break-up of Alexander's Empire
  Hellenistic Greece - Greek Philosophy: Hellenistic Philosophy
  Ancient warrior myths help veterans fight PTSD - Yahoo News
  Music and creativity in Ancient Greece - Tim Hansen - YouTube
For many more sites, check out Mrs. Oz's Ancient Greece website.






The Romans
   Chronology of the Emperors
  Rome Project » Map Resources
Khan Academy: Republic to Empire - Khan Academy: Roman Art History 
  Rome - BBC - History: Romans & More BBC - Romans
  Ancient Rome
  What the Ancients Knew - Rome - YouTube
  The Roman Republic 
  Roman law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  Rome staggers to Empire
   More Concessions and Written Law -- the Twelve Tables
  The Roman Revolution
  The Roman Empire-The First Caesars
  The Roman Empire - The Roman Emperors
  The Roman Empire: In The First Century | PBS
  FAQ about the Roman Empire - UNRV History - Roman Empire
  Roman Emperors - The Imperial Index
  Imperial Battle Map Index - Major Battles in Roman History - Roman Military
  The Punic Wars - Punic Wars - Punic Wars & Hannibal of Carthage
  Roman Mythology - Roman Gods
  Famous Romans - Evils of Rome
  Roman Achievements - The Great Builders - Roman Engineering - Roman Roads - Ancient Roman Aqueducts
  Leisure and Entertainment - Roman Numerals - Evolution of Latin Characters
   Roman Families for Kids! - BBC - Primary History - Romans - Family and children - Family Life In Roman Times. - Women In Ancient Rome
  A Brief Social History of the Roman Empire - Slavery in the Roman Republic - Behind the Name: Ancient Roman Names
  BBC - Religion: Judaism - BBC - Religion: Christianity
Khan Academy: Judaism, Christianity
  JEWS, ROME and JESUS - From Jesus To Christ - The First Christians - Early Christianity
  Roman Emperors, Prosperity and Decline
  Order under Diocletian and Constantine
  The Roman Empire Disintegrates
  Why Rome Fell
For many more sites, visit Mrs. Osborn's Ancient Rome page.





The Qin & Han Dynasties of China
  Timeline of Chinese History and Dynasties - Timeline of China's "Period of Disunity," 220-589 CE
Timeline of Chinese Inventions 
  Maps of China
  How to Memorize China's Major Dynasties? - YouTube
Khan Academy: Imperial China
  Home | Story of China | PBS - Story of China GAMES!
  Chinese Dynasty Guide - The Art of Asia - History and Maps
  1000 BCE to 300 CE: China | Asia for Educators - 300 to 600 CE
   The Chinese Empire
  What the Ancients Knew - China - YouTube
  Asian Art Collection - China
   Qin Dynasty
  Terracotta Warriors, Terracotta Army, Terra Cotta Soldiers, Xian China 
  Han Dynasty
  Chinese Philosophy 
  Confucianism and the Chinese Scholastic System
  Traveling the Silk Road (More below)




Classical India
  History of South Asia: A Chronological Outline - India Chronology
  Ancient India - The British Museum - Ancient India
Khan Academy: Imperial India
  Ancient India (Aryans, The Vedic Ages, Caste System, Mauryans, Guptas)
  Indian Ocean in World History
  1000 BCE to 300 CE: South Asia - 300 to 600 CE
  Indo-European (Aryans spread language)
  India, Empire and Chaos, 1000 BCE to 500 CE
  MrDonn.org - Ancient India - EAWC: Ancient India - Ancient India - Life in Ancient India for Kids
  What the Ancients Knew - India - YouTube
  Dravidian Culture
   India Caste system - Caste System in India - India - Caste and Class - The Caste Syetem of Ancient India
Khan Academy: Hinduism
  BBC - Religion: Hinduism - Sacred-Texts: Hinduism - HINDUISM: The world's third largest religion
Khan Academy: Buddhism
  BBC - Religion: Buddhism - BBC - Religion: Jainism
  Hindus, Jains and the Buddha, to 500 CE
  Buddhism - The Buddha | PBS - Buddhism - The Art of Asia
  The Buddhist Emperor, Ashoka
  The Gupta Dynasty and Empire
    Traveling the Silk Road (More below)
  AP World History | Chandragupta Maurya - YouTube
  1000 BCE to 300 CE: SE Asia - 300 to 600 CE: SE Asia
  What the Ancients Knew - Japan - YouTube
  Japanese History: A Chronological Outline - A Timeline of Korean History - Vietnamese History: A Chronological Outline
  Treasures of Champa Kingdom (Vietnam) - YouTube





Maya, Teotihuacan, Moche, Chaco, & Cahokia
  Khan Academy: The Americas
  Maya civilization - WikipediaMaya Civilization - Ancient History Encyclopedia 
  Teotihuacan - WikipediaTeotihuacan - Ancient History Encyclopedia
  Moche culture - Wikipedia - Moche culture, an introduction (article) | Khan Academy - Moche Civilization - Ancient History Encyclopedia 
Chaco Canyon & the Anasazi - Cahokia & Mississippian Culture




Networks of Communication and Exchange, SILK ROAD, TRANS-SAHARAN, & INDIAN OCEAN TRADE, 300 B.C.E.-1100 C.E.
Worldipedia: Key Concept 2.3 into Period 3 (600-1450) Key Concept 3.1 
Traveling the Silk Road - SILK ROAD CHRONOLOGY - The silkroad foundation - The Silk Road Virtual Art Exhibit
Khan Academy: Silk Road
  SilkRoad - Silk Road Seattle - Historical Atlas - Silk Road Map Quizzes
  History of Silk 
  Silk Road Virtual Tour - YouTube
  Monks and Merchants | Silk Road Treasures from Northwest China, Gansu and Ning
  Afghanistan: The Kushan Empire
  Riding the New Silk Road - Interactive Feature - NYTimes.com
  The History of Spices - The Spice Encyclopedia
  Ancient nomads spread earliest domestic grains along Silk Road
  TEDxSilkRoad - Mark Norell - The Past, The Present, and The Future of the Silk Road
  Indian Ocean in World History
  The Trading World of the Indian Ocean
  Indian Ocean trade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  Chinese Trade in the Indian Ocean | Asia Society
  The Srivijaya Empire: trade and culture in the Indian Ocean
   Ancient Africa for Kids - Gold for Salt, Salt for Gold
  The Trans-Saharan Gold Trade (7th–14th century)
  Trans-Saharan trade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  Ghana Empire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  Kingdom of Ghana
  Ancient Africa for Kids - Kingdom of Ghana
  Trade Routes between Europe and Asia during Antiquity 
  Spice Route History, Asian Trade Routes of Indian Ocean, South China Sea



  World History Study Games and Practice Quizzes | Student Handouts
Khan Academy Period 2 Quizzes
  AP World History Quizzes: AP World History Practice Tests

Persian Empire Quizzes and Persian Empire Trivia -- Fun Trivia - The Assyrian, Chaldean, and Persian Empires, 1100-500 BCE - Map Quiz

  Ancient Israel Games - Ancient Palestine - The Dominion of Solomon - Online Map Quiz

  Ancient Greece Games 
  The Glory That Was Ancient Greece - Interactive Multiple-Choice Test  -
  Ancient Greece and the Greek Colonies - Free Interactive Map Quiz - Ancient Greece in the Fifth Century BCE - Free Online Map Quiz - Greece in the Time of the Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BCE - Map Quiz
   Odyssey Game - Choose your character
  Greek-Gods.Info Mythology Quiz - Greek Mythology Fun Fact Quiz
   Ancient Greece - Penalty Shootout - Ancient Greek Medicine - Beat 'da Bomb game 
    The Empire of Alexander the Great and the Kingdoms of His Successors - Map Quiz

Ancient Rome Games 
Mountains, Rivers, and Divisions of Ancient Italy - Geography Map Quiz
  Rome Quiz
  The Establishment of the Roman Republic - Hangman Game - Interactive Flash Cards - Multiple-Choice Practice Test 
    Battle of Actium, 31 BCE - Interactive Map Test - Ancient Rome
  Roman Dominions at the Death of Julius Caesar, 44 BCE - Map Quiz
  Imperial Rome - Free Interactive Map Quiz
   Multiple-Choice Practice Test 
  The Ancient Roman Empire - Online Hangman Game
    The Roman Empire in 376 CE and the Teutonic (Barbarian) Migrations of Europe - Map Quiz
  The Germanic Kingdoms and the Eastern Roman Empire in 526 CE - Map Quiz
   The Roman Empire: in the First Century. Special Features. Emperor of Rome Game 
   BBC - History - Ancient History in depth: Death in Rome - Gladiator: Dressed to Kill Game - CDX - Housesteads Fort
  Emperor of Rome Game - Quiz: Who Are You?
  Ancient Rome - Fling the Teacher - Interactive game
  Quia - Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii im 79 AD
  List of films based on Greco-Roman mythology
  Overview | Story of China | PBS - Great Games!
  Silk Road Map Quizzes

  Ancient Indian Empires Game - Play Fun Trivia Quiz
  Indian Baby Names and their meanings

Emergence of Organized Religions
  World Relgions Games
    World Religions and Religious Texts  Matching Quiz
   Religions and Philosophies Quiz 

  EyeWitness to History - history through the eyes of those who lived it
  Fling the Teacher - Interactive History games - More Interactive History Games
  Ancient History in the Movies - Medieval History in the Movies - Modern History in the Movies


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