Mrs. Osborn's APAH - Early Europe & Colonial Americas

  TEST SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY, 2/19. It will cover Content Area 3 (Gothic & Early Italian Renaissance)

  DUE [TBD]: Cultural Connections Project. It will cover Content Area 3 (Baroque, Rococo, & Colonial America). Once assigned, Instructions, Slides, & Handout in Google Drive (AP EXAM TEST REVIEW Folder - will count towards 12-hour tutorial requirement for GISD to pay for the AP Exam)

- Click on the banner above for Essential Knowledge/Image Set. Remember, all image sets, handouts, lecture PowerPoints and assignments are available in Google Drive. 

 51 ARTWORKS - 20% of AP EXAM  

  Early Europe & Colonial Americas - Khan Academy











Thank you so much to Lynn Wilkinson, Mary McConnell, Valerie Park and Martha Kunz for all their quidance and resources.