The Marshall Plan & the Berlin Air Lift

Updated July 2010

1943 TIME's Man of the Year: George C. Marshall and again - 1947 TIME's Man of the Year: George C. Marshall
  For European Recovery: The Fiftieth Anniversary of The Marshall Plan
  Marshall Plan 
Featured Document: The Marshall Plan 
Key Dates for the Marshall Plan
   The Cold War and the Marshall Plan  
  George Marshall Exhibit Teaching Activities 
  George Marshall 
  Truman Library - George Marshall Exhibit 
Bipartisan Foreign Policy: The Marshall Plan 
Fears of Communist Domination
  Marshall Plan Folders - from the Truman Presidential Library.
  BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Summary of the Berlin crisis
  American Experience . Race for the Superbomb . Berlin Blockade | PBS
  Cold War Museum: Berlin Blockade
  American Experience . The Berlin Airlift . Home | PBS
The Berlin Airlift: Documents, Images, History
     Berlin Airlift Veterans Association
     Air Power:The Berlin Airlift
  The Berlin Airlift
  Berlin Airlift
  Factsheets : Berlin: City Held Hostage
  The Berlin Airlift 
  USAF - Operation Vittles: The Berlin Airlift
  American Experience . The Berlin Airlift . The Chocolate Pilot | PBS
  Gail Halvorsen : Operation Little Vittles
Col. Gail Halvorsen - the "Candy Bomber"
Naval Aviation's Involvement in the Berlin Airlift 
  The U.S. Constabulary in Post-War Germany (1946-52)

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