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The Tower of London

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Did you know? The children
's nursery rhyme 'Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses' actually refers to the Black Death which killed about 30 million people in the fourteenth-century.  QUESTION ABOUT TITLE: 'Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses' is the original British title of the rhyme.  In the 19th century Americanized version, the title changed to 'Ring-Around-the-Rosie.'  The American version also uses the line "ashes, ashes, we all fall down," while the original British version uses the line, "a-tishoo, a-tishoo, we all fall down."  "A-tishoo" refers to the uncontrollable cough & sneezing that were symptoms of the pneumonic plague, the most deadly strain.  Both titles are correct and refer to the plague.  However, Urban Legends says all of the above is myth.  For an alternative view on the origins of "Ring-Around-the-Rosie/"Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses," check out the last link in this section on the plague. 
Satan Triumphant: The Black Death
  In the Wake of the Black Death
  The Black Death
The Great Plague devastates Constantinople 541 - 543 C.E. 
    The Black Death, 1348 - The Flagellants Attempt to Repel the Black Death, 1349
  The Black Plague - (1348-1350) 
  SECRETS OF THE DEAD . Mystery of the Black Death | PBS
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Area graph - monthly death rates - in England
Average monthly burials 1539-1640 - in England
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  A Journal of the Plague Year from Project Gutenberg - A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe
  History of Plague - Plague Through the Ages
  Medical History --- Plagues and Epidemics - Plagues & Epidemics - BBC - GCSE Bitesize - Medieval and Renaissance medicine - The Medieval Miracles of Healing -- Medical Science - Disease in the 14th Century

Did you know? Eau de Cologne was originally marketed as a way of protecting yourself against the plague.

The Rise of Popular Heresies
   The Witching Hours: Medieval Through Enlightenment Period European Witch History 
  Medieval Sourcebook: Witchcraft Documents [15th Century]  
  Punishment, Torture, and Ordeal 
Curious Punishments of Bygone Days
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The People of the Witchcraze
From the Mouths of Babes: Children as Witches
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Salem @
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The Salem Witch Museum - Salem, Massachusetts 
The Salem Witchcraft Trials
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Seers and Witchcraft 
  Witchcraft Beliefs in Early Modern England - All Empires 
   Sir Clisto's Tome - Devices of Torture and other Old Time Punishments - Curious Punishments of Bygone Days - Inquisition, the torture methods of the inquisition - Medieval Torture - HowStuffWorks "Torture and Punishment During the Spanish Inquisition" - 55 Hours to Live- It's A Slow Death - For more information on Punishment & Torture during the Middle Ages, click HERE
   Modern Parallels: The Witchcraze Today 
  Secrets of the Dead . The Witches Curse | PBS 
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