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  Today's World Issues / National Anthems & World Music  

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**** Well, the CIA knows everything. Find current info on countries here: CIA World Factbook 
  CSIS - A Student's Guide to Globalization
  Countries of the World - 22 years of CIA World Fact Books (1989-2010, good for data comparison) - Where Stats Come Alive! 
  Countries of the World 
Geography World (alternate URL for Geography World)
   World Facts and Figures 
  One World - Nations Online - The Nations Online Project, a World Guide™
  Encyclopedia of the Nations - Information about countries of the world, United Nations, World Leaders
  Country Data & History - in-depth history and information. Great research site.
Your Nation - Compare and Contrast Nations Around the World!
Infonation: Compare Statistical Information of UN Member States 
U.S. Department of State Background Notes on Countries - in addition to country info, find out about U.S. relations with many countries.
  BBC NEWS | Country Profiles 
  Population Counter -- Country Index 
  Foreign Governments/Statistics 
  Sources of International Statistics on the Internet 
      Country Studies
US State Department - Independent States of the World
US State Department - Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty 
Country Studies / Area Handbook - Search
  Country Studies: Area Handbook Series (Library of Congress / Federal Research) 
Countries and Nations - Geography Net Links
Country Facts and Information - Geography Net Links
Largest Countries in Area - Geography
Countries with the Largest Population - 2005 - More info below in section on population/stats. full coverage: by country
World Roof - Highest (and Lowest) Points in the World - plus maps, weather, news
   Welcome to The World History Links Page
  Atlapedia Online
E-Conflict World Encyclopedia, profiles Nations includes National Anthem
  Alphabetical Index of Countries
Geobop's World: Exploring my favorite planet! 
  Internet Resources on World Cultures 
  WORLDTIME: By Country 
  World Map - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, 
  Virtual World Tours -- Over 300 Country and City Virtual Tours 
  Graphic Map's World Atlas and Geography Facts Country Profiles - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, etc. 
  International Topics and Issues
   The Escotet International Link /Countries 
   Riding the Range - Foreign Countries
      Dismal Scientist: Economic Analysis and Data for the World 
The European Ethnohistory Database - great site on the ethnic makeup of Europe.
Mystic Planet's New Age Directory of Planet Earth
Reference: World Records
Voice of the Shuttle: Area and Regional Studies
  Nation by Nation Almanac 
  GeoHive: Global Statistics 
  GeoHive: Global Data 
  GeoHive: Global Statistics - Charts 
  Our World Today - Webcams Around the World - OneWorld In-Depth
  UC Atlas of Global Inequality 
  Population Reference Bureau (PRB) 
  International Boundaries Research Unit 
  Fact Monster: Online Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help

Visit my Maps, Flags, Timelines page!

For info, please check the sections on ISSUES FACING THE WORLD TODAY or NEWS & CURRENT EVENTS on my General World History page.

National Anthems of the World
  National Songs of the World Anthem Database 
    World Music! Laura's MIDI Heaven!
  Ethnomusicology & World Music
Many of the General sites listed above also have info on National Anthems.
For more on Music Around the World and in History, drop by my Music page.

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments 
  Foreign Governments on the WWW
Foreign Government Resources on the Web 
  Area Studies, Comparative Politics: elections, parties and governments around 
   Foreign Governments on the Internet 
  World Government Resources 
  GOL-IN - Government Online International Network 
  EUROPA - Gateway to the European Union 
   Government Publications and Maps: Foreign Governments 
   The International Who's Who : Royal Families 
Encyclopedias of International Relations
   American Foreign Policy Council
  Vincent Ferraro, Resources for the Study of International Relations 
Directory Of The World's Embassies and Consulates @ Embassy World
US State Department - U. S. Embassies
   The Electronic Embassy
  CHART & INFO: 20th Century Governments 
MAP: Single Party Governments
MAP: Military Governments 
  Bureau of Political-Military Affairs 
   U.S. Department of State Background Notes on Countries - in addition to country info, find out about U.S. relations with many countries.
Political Database of the Americas 
  Elections around the world 
  Elections and Electoral Systems by Country 
  International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES)
Freedom House
  NATO Official Homepage & The 26 NATO Member Countries - For more info, check out the NATO section on my U.S. Government page. 
Bureau of Verification and Compliance: TREATIES & AGREEMENTS 
  Foreign Policy: Your portal to global politics, economics, and ideas 
For more, check out the General sites listed above

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
  World Leaders — Central Intelligence Agency
  Heads of State and Government: Past & Present
  World Rulers - Kings Presidents Prime Ministers of the World 
  Statesmen Geographic Index 
  Statesman index A-Z 
  ZPC: Dates and figures of the worldwide leadership since 1945  
   List of women heads of state - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  
  Contemporary women world leaders: 1945-2005 
  Women in Parliaments: World Classification
  Female Presidents - Woman Prime Ministers - Women Heads of State in the 20th Century 
  Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership  
  Catholic Encyclopedia: LIST OF POPES 
  MAP: Monarchies in the 20th Century 
  The International Who's Who : Royal Families 
  For much more on World Royalty, check out my ROYALTY section on my General World History.  Also, check out specific countries on my U.S. Government, Non-Western Cultures, England, Great Britain, UK, France, & Russia pages. Information on Powerful women in History can be found on my WOMEN IN HISTORY page. 

TIMELINE: World Legal History
Laws of other nations
Treaties and international law
Constitutions Around the World
  World Constitutions | Basic Laws, Charters, Magna Carta
  Constitution Finder
  CIA - The World Factbook -- Field Listing - Constitution
  Foreign Governments/Constitutions, Laws and Treaties 
Constitutional Law Around the World
International Criminal Law 
   Cornell Law Library: International Court of Justice
International Court of Justice
  Cornell Law Library - International Resources 
  Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs 
  Office of the Legal Adviser - International Law 
  Dumb Laws in Other Countries 

World Languages 
  Languages Around the World 
  "Hello" in many languages 
  The Say Hello to the World Project 
   AltaVista - World / Translate - type in text, choose language, instant translation!!! 
Ethnologue, Languages of the World  
  MAP: Ethnologue by country (World Languages) 
  Ethnologue language name index 
  Ethnologue language family index 
  Foreign Languages for Travelers (text-mode) 
  Linguasphere - classifying the world's languages, dialects and speech communities 
  The Linguasphere page of FAQ's about the languages of the world 
Ethnologue: Geographic Distribution of Living Languages 
   The Alternative Dictionaries - International Slang 
  Translators Home Pages - Cecilia Falk 

  Find the current time in any country 
  The World Time Server - correct, current, local 
  The World Clock - Time Zones 

More info on Time available in the Calendar section on my Maps, Flags, Timelines page.

IPL Kidspace: Our World
  Globe Trekker  
Geography and World Culture 
  Dale Lightfoot's Virtual Cultural Geography Lesson 
  Folk Culture from Around the World 
  Popular Culture As Global Culture 
  Stop Signs from Around the World 
  Popular Culture As Global Culture 
  Global Cola War (and other familiar scenes) - Cornflakes from Around the world 
License Plates of the World
Holidays on the Net - Holiday Descriptions 
Yahooligans! - Around the World: Holidays 
Harvests Around the World - Teachernet, Harvest festivals 
  Diversity Calendar
NNCC Realities of Stereotypes
   Wedding Customs and Superstitions - Weddings UK
African Wedding Guide
Chinese Wedding Customs
  Wedding Rings, Wedding Dresses and Garters -- Marriage Tradtions   
  Wedding Traditions and Customs - Ultimate Internet Wedding Guide 

More info on Geography, Holidays & Time can be found on my Maps, Flags, Timelines page!
For info on world religions, drop by my Religions page!
Yummy Food from around the world can be found on my FOOD IN HISTORY & AROUND THE WORLD page!
Info on Clothing around the World can be found on my FASHION page.

SYMBOLS & GESTURES AROUND THE WORLD -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms 
  SYMBOLS dot NET, with a Portal to the portals! 
  Online Symbolism Dictionary

$$$ MONEY & TRADE AROUND THE WORLD $$$ The Universal Currency Converter(tm) online currency converters o:), The Currency Site  
  Currency Calculator 
  Historic Exchange Rates
  Currency Photos List 
Dismal Scientist: Economic Analysis and Data for the World
   Welcome to Global Financial Data 
   GeoHive: Global Statistics - Charts 
   Foreign Currency - International Money
FRBSF Currency Exhibit: World Standard 
Ron Wise's World Paper Money Homepage
Money Origami - Dollar Bill Money Origami - Lisa's Japanese Pages 
  History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day - Chronology of Money Timeline 
  Current Value of Old Money
  Ancient Economy and Medieval Economy - History for Kids! 
  PBS - Commanding Heights: Globalization, World Trade, and Economic Development 
  Trade Resources 
  International Tax 
  CSIS - A Student's Guide to Globalization 
***** The Inflation Calculator - Accounting for inflation, $5.00 in 1957 is now worth $33.98!!! The $0.35 loaf of bread my Mom sent me to the store to purchase in 1970 now costs $1.76! Click in an amount and find the corresponding worth in any year from 1800 - 2005!
***** dMarie Time Capsule is a Super site!  Find out what a house cost, how much you paid for a loaf of bread, what the average salary just type in the year!!!

Info on USA money can be found in the MONEY section on my U.S. Government page.

Martindale's Calculators On-Line Center (Part of Martindale's 'The Reference Desk')
  GIS Conversion Tools
  Cleave Books - Specialist Calculators

International Data Base (IDB) 
  Census Bureau - Dynamic POPClocks 
  Population History of Different Countries 
  Global Statistics on Population 
  Population Counter -- Country Index 
  World Population by country 
  World Population
  World Population and Demographic Data 
  Most Populous Countries
  Area and Population of Countries
  Population Links
  Population statistics 
  Population Reference Bureau (PRB) Website 
  Population through history maps
  animated map of human population growth through history 
  Population through the Ages Timeline  
  GEOHIVE :: Milestones (when did/will we reach the next Billion)  
  W3C/ANU - Demography & Population Studies WWW VL
  Population Index
World Population Information
   World POPClock Projection
World Population 
     CHART: today's population of the world's ten largest countries 
  GRAPH: Total Population 
  CHART: Population Growth 
  CHART: Countries with Highest Population Density 
  CHART: Life Expectancy at Birth by Country 
  CHART: Countries with Youngest and Oldest Populations 
  CHART: Urban / rural division of "continents" 
  Population Links
  Population pyramid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  IDB Population Pyramids
  Population Structure
  Tools of the Trade - Population Pyramids
  Aging of the World's Population
  Internet Geography - GeoTopics - Population
  United States Population Pyramids
  Population Pyramid Summary for United States
  Animation - China's Population by Age & Sex, 1950 - 2050
  Human Populations
   Country Rankings: Economy, Geography, Population, etc. 
  Largest Countries in Area - Geography
Countries with the Largest Population - 2005 
  GeoHive: Global Statistics 
  GeoHive: Global Data 
  GeoHive: Global Statistics - Charts 
  CHARTS: Most Land Area by Country 
Country By Country Listing of the World's Highest Points 
Highest Points in the USA and other North American Countries 
  North American Roof - Highest and Lowest Points 
  South American Roof - Highest and Lowest Points
African Roof: Highest and Lowest Points 
Asian Roof: Highest and Lowest Points 
Europe's Highest and Lowest Points
Oceania: Highest and Lowest Points 
  The Baby Name Wizard: NameVoyager 

More info in the General Sites section above.
More rankings available in the GEOGRAPHY section on my Maps, Flags, Timelines page.

AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc.
Global Friendship: Foreign exchange student travel and hosting plans
EF Foundation for foreign study - host an international exchange student
American Institute For Foreign Study
U.S. Students Go Global! 

Welcome to Travel.State.Gov 
  US State Department - Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets 
   Travel and Living Abroad 
  U.S. Customs Service Official Web Site
  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Traveler's Health, The Currency Site - More currency converters above in the Money section.
  Foreign Languages for Travelers 
  Find the current time in any country 
  The World Time Server - correct, current, local 
Weather Channel -- forecast, tools 
Airlines in the World Wide Web - Home Page 
  Expedia Travel -- discount airfare, flights, hotels, cars, vacation packages
  The Best Travel Stories on the Internet - Travel Writing - World Hum
Lonely Planet on-line
Travel Channel Home Page
   Travel Information for the World Guide
Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door (ETBD)
HistoryAmerica TOURS - Taking you where history happened!
Welcome to - The Original Travel Community - A Resource for travel writers and photographers
The Connected Traveler
  Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links
    Travellers Medical And Vaccination Centre - Excellence In Travel Medicine is the largest resource for worldwide festivals and events
   CheckIn: The Internet Tourism Database 
   Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory 
   Welcome to the National Business Travel Association 
  World Travel & Tourism Council 
  WTO | World Tourism Organization 
  Tourism Research Links
  Palin's Travels: Welcome to Michael Palin's travel website 
Internet cafes guide. Cybercafes all over the world. - if you need to send or receive email to or from loved ones back home! 
  The World Tours of Bud - silly, but fun, site documenting the adventures of Bud(a mannequin) around the world! 

For news and current events around the world, check out the section on News on my General World History page. 
  Geographic Nameserver: Long/Lat Info (mostly info on US cities) - more info on my Maps, Flags, Timelines page. 
   Unit Conversions and Calculations from MegaConverter - everything from temperature to kitchen measure conversions around the world! 
   World-Wide Web Servers: Summary
Famous Trials of the World 
  Linguistics and Cultures
   International Aboriginal Links
  Center For World Indigenous Studies Home Page
  World Monuments Fund 
  Our World Today - Webcams Around the World 
  Nation Planet
  Human Rights Internet - The Human Rights Databank - A Student's Guide to Globalization - Popular Culture As Global Culture

 United Nations Home Page 
  About the United Nations
UN Member States
  Infonation: Compare Statistical Information of UN Member States 
  Principal UN Organs and their Functions
  Global Issue on the UN Agenda 
  Peace & Security & the UN system 
  Question of Palestine at the United Nations
  UN News Centre - News Focus - Iraq
  UNODC - Terrorism
  Terrorism - Global Issue before the United Nations system 
  UN acts against terrorism - More info on Terrorism on my U.S. Government page. 
  CHART: UN Organization 
  PRESS RELEASES: United Nations News Centre
PRIMARY DOCUMENTS: The United Nations 
  PRIMARY DOCUMENT: United Nations Charter of 1945
MAPS: United Nations Cartographic Section
United Nations Statistics Division
    Official Web Site Locator for the UN System of Organizations
  United Nations Documents & Publications
   United Nations Security Council
  Peace Day: The Peace Poem
United Nations Peacekeeping
  Kosovo - Global Policy Forum - UN Security Council
  Human Rights
Humanitarian Affairs
United Nations - Economic and Social Development Web Site
  Welcome to the United Nations CyberSchoolBus 
UN CyberSchoolBus Human Rights module
FAQ of Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN - What it is, what it does
  The UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
  United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) works for children worldwide 
   United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  UNESCO World Heritage List 
  Intercultural dialogue: UNESCO Sector for Culture
   The United Nations and the Status of Women
  United Nations Volunteers

International Red Cross 
American Red Cross 
American Red Cross - Virtual Museum
  TIMELINE: American Red Cross History 
  American Red Cross -- History 
  Red Cross Red Crescent 
  Homepage - International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

General World History
Western Civilization - History & Impact of Europe
Maps, Flags, Timelines - plus money, geography, calendars, time, holidays.
Non-Western Cultures - Asia, China, Japan, Africa, India, Middle East, Oceania, Caribbean, & Various other cultures.