Content Area 6: Africa

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  14 ARTWORKS - 6% of AP EXAM




Major Civilizations
Nok (500 BCE-200 CE)         Nigeria
Great Zimbabwe (11th- 15th c.)    Zimbabwe
Ife Culture (11th-12th c.)       Nigeria
Aksum (1200-1527)               Ethiopia
Benin (13th-19th c.)               Nigeria
Mende (19th-20th c.)             Sierra Leone
Kongo (19th-20th c.)             Congo


* Centered around spirituality, the spirit world, and the role of ancestors is huge to incorporate into artworks
* Fertility of man and of the land is key
* Most common materials are wood, ivory, and metal (HOWEVER, with international trade, there could be incorporation of other materials, such as European glass beads [similar to Indigenous American art after European contact]) 
* Mostly utilitarian, usually for ceremonies
* Architecture is predominately mudbrick
* Stone used in Zimbabwe and Ethiopian churches
**** Due to racist ideologies, 19th century European art historians were often confused by African art & considered it to be static and unchanging ****


Student Resources
* Major Civilizations list with dates
* Key Ideas
* PowerPoint
* Artwork List
* Q Cards Images, Identifiers, & CCFF
* Brooklyn Museum: African Arts
* Bwoom Masks and the Brooklyn Museum
* Read about the Nok heads thematic essay by Heilbrunn Timeline
  **** Visit Khan Academy's SmartHistory AP Art History section on Africa. ****


* Key Cultural & Religious Terms: oba, oni, iy’oba, scarification
* Key Art Terms: ikegobo, twisted perspective, composite view, monolith
* Key Architectural Terms: adobe, qibla



 (Mrs. McConnell refers to her classes presentations on African and Pacific - TAKE NOTE, You will be doing this very soon. You will be making presentations and comparisons of Hindu & Buddhist Art. 






 Great Mosque of Djenné



 Early African Art (Student Presentation - Good one!) - Good example for your future Asian Art Presentations!!!



Thank you so much to Lynn Wilkinson, Mary McConnell, Valerie Park and Martha Kunz for all their quidance and resources.