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  Thesis Statements: Knox Study Guide - Study Guide: Writing - Historical Analysis 
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  The Five Paragraph Essay Wizard- Persuasive Essay and prompts
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  Helping Your Child Learn Geography
  Geography Home Page 
****  Resource: Teaching Geography - hours of great streaming video on different regions around the world. Just click on the VoD link for each episode!
  Glossary and Dictionary of Geography - USIA - An Outline of American Geography - Glossary 
  The START Natural Language Question Answering System
  Geography Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ Index 
  Geography World (alternate URL for Geography World)
  CIA - The World Factbook
  Country Studies
  National Geographic - Inspiring People to Care About the Planet Since 1888 - National Geographic Site Index - Education - National Geographic - Geography Action! 2009 -- National Geographic - National Geographic Channel - Animals, Science, Exploration Television Shows - Teachers and Parents - National Geographic Bee
  USGS Educational Resources For Secondary Grades Middle School and High School
  Geocurrents Blog - map-illustrated videos discussing Geography and Current Events
  U.S. and World Population Clocks - POPClocks
  Population Reference Bureau
  Population Counter -- Country Index
  International Data Base - U.S. Census Bureau - Population Pyramids  (More population related links in Unit 1 Resources)
  GeoHive: Global Data - GeoHive - Population Statistics - GeoHive - Economic DataGeoHive - Population prospects  
  NationMaster - World Statistics, Country Comparisons
  Fact Monster: Online Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help
  The Geography Site
  Discover Geography: Introductory Materials
  One World - Nations Online - The Nations Online Project, a World Guide™
  GeoWorld: Exploring my favorite planet - Geobopological Survey (Geobop): A world of knowledge for adventurous spirits
  Encyclopedia of the Nations - Information about countries of the world, United nations, World Leaders
  Country Data & History - great in-depth info.
  USIA - An Outline of American Geography - Contents 
  CIA Background Notes on countries around the world
  Countries A to Z -- National Geographic
  Daily Nature and Science News and Headlines | National Geographic News (More news links on the Current Events page)
  Welcome to Travel.State.Gov (including travel alerts & warnings)
    World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth - Home
  UC Atlas of Global Inequality Freedom in the World
  CSIS - A Student's Guide to Globalization
  Homepage - International Crisis Group
  The Marshall Legacy Institute MLI : Landmine Awareness
  Issues | (U.S.)
  CRIN - Child Rights Information Network - Home - Children of War - fighting, dying, surviving Worlds Apart: The Roots of Regional Conflicts
  ADL Terrorism Main Page
  Debt Relief Now : UNESCO World Heritage sites in panophotographies - - Travel to Rome-New York-Paris-China ...from your computer - 7 Wonders Panoramas - The New 7 Wonders
  World Digital Library Home
  United Nations Cyberschoolbus - Introduction to the United Nations - Country at a Glance - Overview
  WorldRover - Country History A to Z - Country Culture and History
   National Geographic Site Index: Maps and Geography
  Travel & Cultures -- National Geographic (More info on cultures in Unit 1 Resources)
  World Leaders - Central Intelligence Agency (More on Governments around the world in Unit 1 Resources)
  population of all countries of the world smallest to largest
  all countries of the world listed by smallest to largest land area population Reference Maps
  United Nations Cartographic Section Web Site
  World Atlas including Geography Facts, Maps, Flags -
  Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection - UT Library Online
  Thematic Maps - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
  World Maps: Political, Physical, Satellite, Africa, Asia, Europe
  Xpeditions @ - Atlas - Xpeditions @
  Maps of the World Menu
  Atlapedia Online
  Countries of the World : Geographic & Cultural Information - Country Info & Maps - 
  Printable World Maps - Free World Maps to Print
  More Map Sites - Maps and more maps
   Flags of all Countries
  Physical Geography Links
  Geography and World Culture - IPL Kidspace: Our World
  Lonely Planet Travel Guides and Travel Information
  Lonely Planet Travel Information for any Holiday Destination
  Culture Quest World Tour - ipl2: Information You Can Trust
  Internet Usage World Stats - Internet and Population Statistics
  Climate Connections : NPR - Global Warming -- National Geographic - EarthPortal » Home (More Global Environmental Change links in Unit 1 Resources
    WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources - General Resources (Culture, Religion, Economics, Government links in Unit 1 Resources)
  The Ocean -- National Geographic
  Environment Facts, Environment Science, Global Warming, Natural Disasters - National Geographic
  Photography, Pictures, Galleries, Wallpapers, Photo Tips - National Geographic
  Animals, Animal Pictures, Wild Animal Facts - National Geographic
  Climographs of Selected U.S. Cities - Climographs of Selected Cities Around the World
  World Weather - World Climate: Weather rainfall and temperature data - UM-Weather: Home (Climate/Weather links in Unit 1 Resources)
  7-Day Forecast for Latitude 32.92°N and Longitude 96.56°W (Elev. 499 ft) - Yep, those are the coordinates for Rowlett!
  World Clock
  Earth Calendar - Holidays and Festivals around the World
  The Calendar Zone -- Bringing Order to Calendrical Chaos! 
  2010 Calendar & Holidays - Holidays: Religious and Secular, 2010
  Holiday Calendars -- The Calendar Zone
  Dale Lightfoot's Virtual Cultural Geography Lesson
  Folk Customs From Around the World - Popular Culture As Global Culture
  World Languages - Foreign Languages for Travelers - "Hello" in many languages (More foreign language sites in Unit 1 Resources)
  Language Exchange Community - Practice and Learn Foreign Languages
  Religions of the World - Foods of the World - World Languages
  Home: National Geographic World Music
  Old World Cultures - New World Cultures
  WWW Virtual Library Women's History
  USGS Education - USGS Learning Web: Videos and Animations Page
  What can you do as a geographer?
  Careers in Geography! Jobs in Geography!
  Geography Site: Geography Fun and Jokes
  Geography Trivia
  Teacher Oz's Country Information 
Upcoming Olympic Games:
  Summer Games - London (England) 2012 - London 2012
  Winter Games - Sochi (Russia) 2014 - Sochi 2014
  Olympic Games - (Main Site)
Find many more links on each Unit Page and on my new Geography Sites page.

  Create a Graph & Create a Graph Classic - Great for projects!  Just enter the data and print out pie charts and graphs!
  How Far Is It? - Find distances from place to place! 
Longitude/Latitude Look Up: USA, Canada, Other Countries 
Census Geocoder - type in your home address and get coordinates, and a map!
  Atlas Query - Astrodienst - Coordinates.
  Elevations and Distances in the United States
  Time - Current time around the World and standard time zones map of the world - World Clock
  Infonation Advanced - From the United Nations - Compare countries around the world - The Full Universal Currency Converter 
  Website - Conversion Formulas - Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter - Celsius conversion calculators, tables and formulas - Area conversion calculators for metric and imperial units - Meters to Feet conversion calculator - Miles to Kilometers conversion calculator - Length and distance conversion calculators - Weight conversion calculators for imperial and metric units - Volume conversion calculators for imperial and metric units 
  Free Online Unit Converter
  GIS Conversion Tools 
  Google Earth - Home 
  Cost of Living Calculator - USA
  Cleave Books - Specialist Calculators


Find specific Unit Games/Quizzes on each unit page. Links to all 10 TEXTBOOK Units at the top of this page. 
**** World Geography Textbook Quiz Reviews by Unit ****
Test Your Geography Knowledge - -- Map Games (Great for Test Reviews)
  Free Geography Educational Games to Play Online
  Light A Candle For Peace
  FreeRice - Free Flour Game - Help end world hunger by answering trivia questions for free
   The Traveler IQ Challenge™
  Travel Quizzes -- National Geographic
  World Continents Quizzes - geography online games
  World Maps - geography online games
  Geographic Continent Map Game -- Alienz!
  Maps GeoTournament - Crossword Map Game - Super Quiz Map Game
    Practice Quizzes for Physical Geography  
  Quia - Know Your World Jeopardy
  Geospy -- National Geographic Kids - Copycat: Memorize the Continents
  QUIZ - Countries of the World - QUIZ - World Capitals - QUIZ - Countries and Capitals of the World 
  Shock-ing Geography by Daniel J Pfeifer
  NewsMania - The News Trivia Game as Fresh as Today's Headlines
  Physical Geography Quizzes and Trivia -- World's Largest Trivia Site!
  World Highest Mountains Map Quiz - Mountain Ranges Map Quiz - Oceans and Seas Quiz - World's Longest Rivers Map Quiz
  Polar Regions Quizzes and Polar Regions Trivia
    Animals of the World (educational game for kids)
  Products of the World (educational game for kids)
  QUIZ - Geography and Map Skills Handbook Home Page
    Fun Trivia Quizzes - World's Largest Trivia and Quiz Site!
  Quia - Shared Activities
  Quia - Geography Games Where is that
  GAME: Don't Gross Out the World - Food Customs Around the World
  Geography Quizzes and Geography Trivia -- Fun Trivia
  History Quizzes and History Trivia -- Fun Trivia
  America The Story of Us — Ultimate History Quiz — Interactive Game
  World Quizzes and World Trivia -- Fun Trivia
  Quia - Geography World - Culture (Ancient to Industrial Revolution)
  Quia - Geography World - Culture (Modern)
  Quia - Geo
  Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories, and More -- National Geographic Kids
  Download & Play Free Online Games at National Geographic
  Extreme Earth Quiz -- National Geographic
  Global Warming Quiz
  Habitats Information, Quiz - National Geographic
  International Foods Quiz -- National Geographic
  Holidays and Festivals Quiz -- National Geographic
  Monarchies and Royalty Quiz -- National Geographic
  Mysterious Places Quiz -- National Geographic
  Movies Around the World Quiz -- National Geographic
  Hangman Word Games - Learn Expressions, Slang, Proverbs, Idioms in Many Languages
  English Word Games - English Expressions, Slang, Proverbs, Idioms
  Educational games for kids & teens - Students of the World
  Games — Central Intelligence Agency
  BBC - History - Interactive Content Online Map -- Free Stuff
  World Maps - geography online games
  Geography Quizzes and Games | Online Games & Trivia by Sporcle
  Toporopa: Geography of Europe

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  World History Atlas - GeoQuiz Free - GeoQuiz Deluxe - US State Flashcards