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GO EAGLES!!!    DUE FRIDAY, 5/4: FILM REVIEW #5 (submitted to     GO EAGLES!!!  


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1) DUE FRIDAY, 5/4 (Assigned 4/23): FILM REVIEW #5 (TEST GRADE) (Submit review to (MUST HAVE A PERMISSION SLIP ON FILE TO REVIEW A "R-Rated" FILM). REMEMBER, YOU MUST USE & HIGHLIGHT AT LEAST 5 KEY CINEMATIC TERMS IN YOUR REVIEW (Your choice of any film released after June 1, 2017). 



 Almost ALL of the films on your review list are available for check out at the Rowlett Public Library!!! Click below to search the catalog!!!


 NEED SOME HELP CHOOSING A FILM TO WATCH FOR YOUR REVIEW OR JUST FOR FUN??? GOOGLE THE TITLE PLUS THE WORD TRAILER (e.g. Citizen Kane Trailer on, TCM.COM (search by title, then click on link and there is an option to view trailer. You will also be able to see if any air dates of the film). 





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  2000s: Dignified Transfer  

Monday, March 23 [A]:
- Today's Objective: We will explore the advent of 24-hour news and the value of embedding media in a war zone while screening Live from Baghdad (2002).
- INSTRUCTION: 6th Grading Period Film Reviews
- SCREENING: Finish Live from Baghdad (2002) - Starring Michael Keaton & Helena Bonham Carter
       1) Edmodo Comments: DID YOU ENJOY LIVE FROM BAGHDAD? Does the government have the right to censor news coverage during a war? Why or why not? 
       2) MEDIA & WAR SHORT ESSAY: What responsibilities do the news media (such as CNN as portrayed in Live from Baghdad) have when reporting from a war zone? And, in what respect does the government have the right to censor that coverage? Cite SPECIFIC scenes from the film. (DUE AT THE END OF SCREENING)
- HOMEWORK: DUE FRIDAY, 5/4: FILM REVIEW #5 (Submit review to (TEST GRADE)

Tuesday, March 24 [B]:
- B DAY (Class does not meet)


Wednesday, March 25 [A]:
- Today's Objective: We will explore the process known as ‘Dignified Transfer’ while screening Taking Chance (2009).
- DISCUSS: Dignified Transfer - Arlington National Cemetery 
- SCREENING: Taking Chance (2009) - Starring Kevin Bacon   
EDMODO ESSAY: DID YOU APPRECIATE TAKING CHANCE? (It's hard to say enjoy). List ONE thing that surprised you about the process of 'Dignified Transfer.' Do you believe such ceremony is necessary? Why or why not? GIVE THE FILM YOUR * to **** RATING. 
- HOMEWORK: DUE FRIDAY, 5/4: FILM REVIEW #5 (Submit review to (TEST GRADE)

Thursday, March 26 [B]:
- B DAY (Class does not meet)

Friday, March 27 [A]:
- Today's Objective: We will explore the process known as ‘Dignified Transfer’ while screening Taking Chance (2009).
- SCREENING: Finish Taking Chance (2009)    
EDMODO ESSAY: DID YOU APPRECIATE TAKING CHANCE? (It's hard to say enjoy). List ONE thing that surprised you about the process of 'Dignified Transfer.' Do you believe such ceremony is necessary? Why or why not? GIVE THE FILM YOUR * to **** RATING. 
- HOMEWORK: DUE FRIDAY, 5/4: FILM REVIEW #5 (Submit review to (TEST GRADE)


- SCREENING: Remembering 9/11, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close


Charlie Wilson's War
1980s - The Fall of the Soviet Union & the covert war in Afghanistan
  American Cultural History - 1980-1989
  BBC NEWS | South Asia | Timeline: Soviet war in Afghanistan
  Soviet war in Afghanistan
  Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
  Russian invasion of Afghanistan
  Afghanistan: Lessons from the Last War
  Charlie Wilson (Texas politician)
  Congressman Charlie Wilson's Real Story - Biography vs. Movie

  Live from Baghdad
1990s - The Rise of CNN & the first Iraq War 
  American Cultural History - Decade 1991-1999
  Newseum in Washington, D.C.
  Newseum War Stories: Essay by Harry Evans
  The CNN Effect  | American Journalism Review
  The persian gulf war - Television
  TELEVISION REVIEW; The Movie Version: CNN Covers the Gulf War - New York Times
  A Look at American News Coverage and Wars
  The Media and the Vietnam War

  Taking Chance
  2000s: Dignified Transfer
   Home and Away: Iraq and Afghanistan War Casualties -
  Faces of the Fallen - The Washington Post
  Dignified Transfer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia News Article: Dignified Transfer Pays Tribute to Fallen
  Policy permitting media access for dignified transfers two years old
  Soldiers give all to ensure dignified transfers at Dover 
  CBS Sunday Morning: Dignified Transfer

   Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close 
2000s: Remembering 9/11
  Newseum: 9/11 Gallery
  9/11: How it Changed US
For many links on the War on Terrorism, check out Mrs. Osborn's War of Terrorism web page.


Digital History - Hollywood's America
Digital History - Hollywood as History
Digital History - The Nickel Madness
  Many, many links for research & more information can be found on Mrs. Oz's Motion Pictures website.




EDMODO CLASS - Mrs. Osborn has your key code to join this online class.


  Cinematic Terms - A FilmMaking Glossary 
  Movie Terminology Glossary 

  Film Genres Introduction - IMDb Genre Browser - Film Genre Chart 
Looking for a movie? IMDB users vote on the Best/Worst films by genre:  Action - Adventure - Animation - Biography - Comedy - Crime - Documentary - Drama - Family - Fantasy - Film-Noir - History - Horror - Independent - Music - Musical - Mystery - Romance - Sci-Fi - Short - Sport - Thriller - TV mini-series - War - Western
Check out  IMDb Charts for Best/Worst votes in MANY categories!
  Introduction to Film - YouTube

  AFI's 100 Years, 100 Movie Quotes (Musical Montage) - YouTube

  VIDEO SERIES: American Cinema by Annenberg Media - 10, 1-hour episodes (streaming video) on the history and style of American Film. FABULOUS!!! Click on each episode's link for more info/activities. Click on VoD to view the episode!


  These Amazing Shadows | Trivia for Film Geeks | Independent Lens | PBS
  TCM Classic Movie Trivia Game - Movie Trivia Quiz
  Movie Quizzes and Movie Trivia -- Fun Trivia
  Movies Around the World Quiz - National Geographic
  History of Cinema and Popular Culture: Games, puzzles and quizzes
  Academy Awards Trivia Quiz -

  Viewing and Watching Films Critically 
  Strategies for Finding Film Reviews and Critical Analysis 
  Movie Review Query Engine 
  Movie Review Databases 
  How to Cite Media 
  Citation Machine -- The Landmark Project 
   KU Writing Center :: Writing Guides
  Writing Guide: Introduction
   Reading, Writing, and Researching for History
  A Student's Guide to the Study of History -- Main 

  TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES - You can "search by title or actor" for the classic film you wish to review...could save you a rental or help you find a film not available on VHS or DVD.
  TCM Movie Database 
   Netflix - TV & movies instantly streamed online + DVD & Blu-ray rentals -- register & you can rent (& even view some online) ALMOST EVERY film listed on your Review List.
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) - SEARCH PAGE
  Bill Douglas Centre for the History of Cinema & Popular Culture 
AFI's 100 Years - 100 Movies List
  Greatest American Movies Series by AFI
  Greatest Films - Specific Selection Criteria 
  100 Greatest Films 
  Greatest Film or Movie Quotes of All Time 
  Great Moments & Film Scenes from the Greatest Films 
  Greatest Film Star Legends 
  Greatest Directors and their Best Films - Great Directors - a critical database - Senses of Cinema 
  Movie History - Filmbug
  All-Time USA Box Office Leaders 
  Film History by Decade
  Timeline of Influential Milestones and Turning Points in Film History: Introduction - Pre-1900s, 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s 
  Welcome to OSCAR, OSCAR at OscarWorld.Net - one of my favorite Oscar sites!
  The Official Academy Awards®Database - AMPAS
  IMDb: Academy Awards, USA
  Academy Awards® History & Oscars Winners 
  Academy Awards Best Pictures 
  Films101 - Sticking to the Best Movies
Check out  IMDb Charts - Users vote on the Best/Worst films in MANY categories.
  Trailers of Historically Significant Films 
  The Classic Hollywood Narrative Style
   Chronology of Film History
  Hollywood's America
  Hollywood as History 
  Birth of the Movies 
  Motion Picture Sound - Timeline Of Sound On Film - Recording Technology History - Sound - The History of Motion Picture Sound - The early history of film sound 
   Hollywood's Depression Age 
  Hollywood's Conservative Age 
  Hollywood's Golden Age 
Postwar Hollywood 
  Hollywood's Revival 
  The Movie Palace - American Picture Palaces
  CinemaTour - Cinemas Around the World (including pics of all the theaters in the DFW area!)
  Old Movie Houses Find Audience in the Plains - 
  Classic Films 
  War and Anti-War Films 
  Motion Pictures and Propaganda  
Ebert's Great Movies 
  History in the Movies - Just HOW accurate do specific films portray historical themes.
  Paul Halsall Thinking About Historical Film- Is it worth the trouble?
  American WideScreen Museum
  Ancient History in the Movies - Medieval History in the Movies - Modern History in the Movies
  The History Place - Hollywood's Best History Films!
  MPA | Movie Ratings | History 
  TIME Magazine - ALL-TIME 100 Movies  
  YouTube - AFI! 
Many, many links for research, information, & fun stuff about film can be found on Mrs. Oz's Motion Pictures website.

Film References & Resources
    Film cliches
  Welcome! | RiffTrax - Loved MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000)? Now, you can download riffs right on top of your favorite films!!! Lots of free samples, too!
  Guide to Classic Film Genres and Styles
  Film Genres - IMDb: Genres 
   Top Musicals - Top10 Western Films 
  War and Anti-War Films 
  Labor Films - Disaster Films - Crime and Gangster Films - Westerns Films
  The Movie Times: Movies of 2010 Box Office Chart (also check out previous years)
   All-Time USA Box Office - All-Time Worldwide Box Office - All-Time Non-USA Box Office
   American WideScreen Museum 
  Museum of the Moving Image
  Senses of Cinema
  National Film Registry - National Film Preservation Board (Library of Congress)
  Drive-In Theater - 43,179 bloopers and goofs from 3,906 movies and TV shows  
  Historical Movies in Chronological Order 
  Science Fiction on Film - Science Fiction Filmsite   
  War Movies Database - World War Two Movie Guide       
  World Wide Web Virtual Library - Film History Index 
  Media Awareness Network | Home
  Media History Project: University of Minnesota - Timeline: Media History Project - 20th Century: Media History Project
  In This Year ...On This Day ... Site Index
   Roger Ebert's Glossary of Movie terms
  MPTV - The Premier Resource of Hollywood Celebrity Photographs 
  Learn About Movie PostersPosters Database
  Poster intro
     Television Heaven 
  TV Tome - guide to the television shows you love 




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