updated 6/20/17


This page is intended for to help you review the requirements for the APWH SAQ [Short Answer Question], DBQ and LEQ Exam Essays. 

Ok, (2016-2017) was the FIRST year of the Redesigned APWH Exam. HOWEVER, a "revision of the revision" will happen again for 2017-2018. The essay requirements will still align with the new requirements for the AP US History and AP European History exams.

That means that the essay requirements will remain the SAME across ALL 3 courses. New, simplified essay rubrics (according to the College Board) will be released soon. As soon as that happens, they will be posted here. 

 HOWEVER, the the rubrics will lose the dedicated points for Synthesis & Periodization Essay Skills (Defining the Era & Turning) will be dropped for essays. Tom Richey, Mr. Geoffrion, & History Haven still have useful videos on the essays tailored to APWH. 

 ALSO, thanks to JoczProductions YouTube Channel there ARE helpful videos for APUSH essays. Remember, the requirements are the SAME!

More resources coming soon!


ESSAY RUBRICS - How your essays are scored on the exam: SAQ, DBQ, LEQ! (These are the OLD rubrics from the 2017 exam. They will be replaced with simplified rubrics for the 2017-2018 school year.)  


Why HIPPO??? (Analyzing Documents [Sources])



HISTORICAL THINKING SKILLS (HTS) (Periodization - Turning Point & Defining the Era - will no longer be part of the essays. Synthesis as a dedicated point is also going away.) 


 HTS - SYNTHESIS (Going away as a dedicated point, BUT can still be used for the outside evidence point!)



The SAQ (Short Answer Question) (How To & Scoring Rubric) (to be revised August 2017)




The DBQ (Document-Based Question) (SCORING RUBRIC) (to be revised August 2017)


TOM RICHEY ON DBQs - Part 1 (Rubric), Part 2 (Source Analysis), & Part 3 (Synthesis - going away as a dedicated point on essays, BUT can still be used for outside evidence):


TOM RICHEY ON DBQs - Setting Up Your AP History DBQ & Using Documents:




The LEQ (Long Essay Question) (SCORING RUBRIC) (to be revised August 2017)


 COMPARISON (Still required for 2017-2018)



Some examples of Continuity and Change over Time (still required for 2017-2018)

NFL TIMELINE: What changed? What stayed the same? WHY?                                                                                                Dani California by the Red Hot Chili Peppers: What changed? What stayed the same? WHY?


HISTORY OF RAP (Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake), Parts 1/2 & 3/4: What changed? What stayed the same? WHY?


100 Years of Fashion in 100 Seconds                                                                                                                                         75 Years of Superman



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