Kind Words Received ...

I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing website.  I am a 7th grade social studies teacher with a focus of early American history and a crazy busy mom of 3.  Need I say more!
Marna A.
7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Hello, We have never met and may never do so. However I was looking for Ancient Egyptian information and I stumbled across your web page, for what looks like a class that you teach. I felt that the information that you have complied into your one site is amazing. It has simplified running around the internet by an exponential amount. I appreciate the time you went through putting this site together. In short, Thank You. I will be frequenting your page on nearly a daily bases.
Once again, Thank You.
Zachary L.

You are super..... I discovered your web page recently while I was looking up for WW2.. And  I was amazed at the quantity and quality of its content. Today my amazement tripled...  I  went to your homepage and discovered 3 different worlds there... Congratulations and thanks for providing so much information combined together.... You are on my favorites list as #1.
I am a retired "engineer-turned to teaching lady" with countless interests.. Nowadays I am hung up on WW2 watching every available documentary and film... Your web page is an encyclopedia on the subject. Thank you.....
- Sevgi Gücüm

This is not my first e-mail to you.  (You posted portions of one to  your website many years ago.)  I still am homeschooling, since beginning in  1995.  My youngest child now is in the ninth grade, and I came online to  send her your stellar collection of weblinks.  To my dismay, it appeared  “retired” – until I found a tiny-print link at the bottom of your current  homepage. 
Again, thank you so much for your work in education.  It probably is  safe to say that your “Kingdom of History” website was one of the many resources  (along with my own odd college major of the history of science during the  medieval and Renaissance periods) that successfully “contaminated” my second son  to major in history.  He was graduated from SMU this past spring, and  continues there in graduate school for his M.A. in education.  He wishes to  teach in the public schools, which might please you to hear!
Best regards,
Antonia C.

I just personally wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you do for the benefit of so many teachers through out this country. I personally have been using your webpage since 2005 back when i started teaching. it inspired my own web creation. I am truly passionate about US History and your webpage is a required webpage for my students to use in my class and I just wanted to say thank you for all you do it is something we hear so very rarely as educators. But your webpage has helped my APUSH students pass the ap exam in the past two years I have been teaching AP. Again thank you.
Daniel F.

Dear Mrs. Oz,
I am a retired teacher from Bethlehem, PA. Currently, I'm back in school subbing for an extended sick leave. I wanted you to know that my students and I have been using your links page for years. My son, a recent Penn State grad, used your site during his college years.
I am eternally grateful for your educational efforts.
Mark J. B.

I have been re-viewing Ken Burns' "The War" on Netflix. I began a search of the web to see what has been made available since the last time I looked. It is obvious that you are a teacher and that perhaps you have a personal connection. Your effort helps to keep alive for the following generations the scope, the human immensity, the encompassing inclusiveness of those events. Your site is very large and I hope you have help in maintaining such an effort! I'm afraid I sound like I'm running for office, or perhaps I'm glory-drunk from watching Burns' riveting work. Really, I'm probably trying to avoid volunteering to help!
I do feel very deeply that I owe every joy in my life to those young men and women who sacrificed so much to defend Humanity from its most grievous screw-ups.
My father, rather deftly avoided over-seas service in the war, drafted in 1942 while on his way to a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry. He remained state-side as a Technical Sargent teaching rotating officers advancing radio technologies throughout the war. He never in my memory had any inspiration to offer from those days. I suppose I am lucky that the war ended as he sat in a train headed for the West Coast to finally be shipped over for the invasion of Japan. As many of my friends grew adamant in their arguments denouncing Truman's use of the Atom Bomb, I have taken a somewhat broader view.
Thank you for your work.
- Jeanie W.

Hi, My name is Cathy.  A friend of mine forwarded me an email with "We Didn't Start The Fire" with Billy Joel. I want to thank you.
I had brain surgery a year and half ago in communications center of my brain.  They got it before it burst but I have a lot of memory issues.
I just wanted to thank you for this and after looking at your website, for that as well.
I will be able to look at some of your things to try to get some of my memory back.
Thank  you again.
- Cathy E. 

I stumbled across your page when I typed in western civilization. I'm glad I did. I even booked it on my smart phone. I don't know why people think history is boring. To bad that in some schools it is starting to take a back seat to other courses. So much is being lost. When history is not being taught it can easily be rewritten.
Thanks for taking the time to put it together. My dad was a historian, I know he would have loved your site.
- Ceredwyn H. 

your website is amazing.  I teach high school world history and US history in southern california  Thanks for sharing.
- anon. 

I just wanted to say thank you for your Billy Joel video of We Didn't Start the Fire. I'm using it in chemistry -- a little cross-curriculum! We have National Mole Day where my students make moles. This year's them is that they have to take some item from the song, research how chemistry applies to it (because chemistry applies to everything!), make a mole, and have it be a visual representation of that research. They LOVE your video! It gives them ideas for where to start their research. I thought combining chemistry, history, music, culture, etc. might open the students' paradigms.
Again, thank you for taking the time to make and post the video. It is amazing!!!!
- Jo K.
Amarillo, TX

Dear Mrs. Oz,
I'm a 58 year old history grad student at Rutgers University. I recently stumbled across your site while trying to fact check a few statements made in my class on Military History. I am completely bowled over by the amount of information that you've made easily accessible and I'd like to thank you. I've bookmarked your site and I have a feeling it will become an important tool for me as I continue my education, both in school and out of school.

Sincerely yours,
- Gary G.

Cherry Hill, NJ

Hello there from Gananoque, Ontario, Canada.  There are not enough superlatives to describe your wonderful website, so.... it is the best!  As a history NUT, I have spent countless hours pouring over your work of art, and will have many more hours to go - thank you very much for this effort!
- Fergie 

Just wanted to drop by and say that you have an amazing website, wish I'd known about it when I was still in high school, highly informative and convenient, forget wikipedia.

This is a great web cite. I'm doing a project in class for we didn't start the fire and this really helped...thanks!

Mrs. Oz,
Let me start by saying, “WOW, what a fabulous site!” I am a huge history buff. I am also a recycled law student (career change, going back to school) who’s doing a paper on stereotypes of soldiers through the latter part of the century. I came across your site while researching for my paper. I was stunned when I started looking around. This must have taken you a very long time to build up. I think it’s incredible that you would give that much of yourself to others. Both my best friend since birth and my 26 year old niece are teachers. My friend teaches fourth grade and my niece teaches sixth grade in an at risk school in New Jersey. I know the sacrifices teachers of today make. I think you are all a very rare breed whom we need so many more of. I know I will return to your site many times over, not just for research but for fun. Thanks again.
- Tracy H.

Dear Mrs. Oz,
I am an enrichment teacher in Illinois and am about to publish my second book--middle school social studies. Found your site invaluable and will give you a shout in the book. You mush love your topic and your job.
- Ken S.

Thank you for making this web page…  I am a teacher for a military school in Louisiana, and I found your site by pure chance about a year ago, I think.  I have used it as an incredibly fun history lesson.  Whenever I pull this up, I know that my class and I are going to have a great time learning together.
Thank you, Beth C.

I cannot believe the wonderful amount of historical data and information you have on your website. Thank you a million times over for all your hard work in gathering this information.
I think sites like these should be used as an important tool in all historical referencing. Unfortunately, I've seen all too many great sites like these fade and disappear over time.
In addition, the now defunct GeoCities have left a lot of websites with lost links and lost information and a shame that they cannot be updated or fixed, as some of the sites are no longer monitored by their creators. Absolutely wonderful site!!
- Historical Seeker

I am emailing just to applaud you for producing a wonderful and informative website, especially the extensive links page. Keep up the good work!
- Alan L., Manchester U.K. 

I am a philosopher in an ancient sense, that is, from Latin philosophus and from Greek philosophos, lover of wisdom, knowledge, learning.
By trade, I am a teamster...a truck driver.  By passion, I study butterflies, their structure-anatomy, life history-biology, and their classification .  Politically, I am left of center, and would belong to the Labor Party in England...probably.
I am an evolutionary biologist.
It was quite by accident that I came upon your page as I searched for Billy Joel lyrics.  My heart leaped, as always it does when I note a fellow traveler.  Not only that, you put yourself, and your knowledge, forward for all to see and benefit from.
I can only say thank you knowing that will never be sufficient.
Thank you!
- Jonathan P. 

I just came across your site, I have to tell you I wish there were many more people with your passion and dedication to history.  I have taken several college courses in history and now my husband is taking one and I think I have used your site far more than the text books we have. 
I went through your "about me" page and I was happy to see someone else likes many of the same songs and books as I do!  Love Pink Floyd haha.  Thanks so much for making this, you are a genius for doing this!  I hope you have many more wonderful journeys in life.
-- Tera B.

I am a homeschooling mom and just ran across your site. I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you've done. It's going to be a great resource for me to teach history to my kids. I was looking at the Native Americans part and it is going to be wonderful! Thanks again!
- Robin in OK

Dear Lady Oz:
I am for Spain, in the old Europe. My profession is far from History as I am a marine biologist, near retirement. But I love history and specially middle age history. When I found your web site, I started to read and I couldn’t stop for hours. I love also myths and legends of the whole World.
FANTASTICO. What so wonderful work you made. I apologize my english.
- Miguel T., La Coruna, Spain 

Dear Mrs. Oz,
What a wonderful site!!! I teach 8th grade social studies and was thrilled to find this hugely helpful site!  I cannot possibly fathom the amount time you put in getting this up and running!  Thank you for your love of history and teaching! 
- Sue V.
Lowndes Middle School
Valdosta, GA

This is a great website, the most comprehensive I've ever visited.
Best wishes,
- Elwyn R.

Dear Mrs. Oz,
I am currently enrolled as a junior at Gananda High School. As I was browsing some Billy Joel lyrics, I came across this phenomenal website. I have always been a huge fan of history, so when I first heard “We didn’t start the Fire”, I felt obligated to learn more. When I discovered the video tribute on your site, I decided that it was time for me to learn what the song was really about. I have spent hours researching and viewing every link for information on 20th century events within the song. I would just like to say how appreciative I am that you put together this tribute to “We didn’t start the Fire”, and I thank you.
- Mark S. 

Many thanks for your tremendous contribution. We're both adjuncts at the University of Hartford and we're both teaching online courses this summer: Western Heritage: Humanities and Art and Literature of Ancient Greece. And we've both linked your site to ours.  What an impressive resource!

- Dale W. and Linda R.

I can not believe I did not come across this during my years in college. I am now in my first year of teaching 8th grade U.S. history in Colorado Springs. I was reseaching the economy of the  South before the Civil War and slowly began to explore the website I had found. This is an excellent site!
- anon.

Ahora en mi idioma, muchas gracias por tu aporte al cultivo de la historia. (Now in my language, thank you very much by your contribution to the culture of history.)
- Saludos desde Chile (Greetings from Chile)

I came across your web site helping my daughter Brookie with a World War 1 project for her 8th grade class. Finding your site has helped her so much. We want to both thank you for the work you have done. I never like to think of war but we must remember that if we don't learn from the past we will be headed back to try and learn our life lessons all over again. Your site helps all of us to remember that we must think beyond our own self interest and think of the whole picture. What effects one of us effects all of us. At some point someone will feel the effects of our actions. We need to be conscious of all of our actions knowing that our goal on earth is to be able to live in Peace..
Job very well done.
Peace, Joy and Hope
Pattie and Brookie C.
Burr Ridge Illinois

Dear Teacher Oz:
You are an absolute lifesaver! I am working on my History Day Project and I came upon your site, and you have so much information, both primary and secondary. Your site really helped me to find information about my topic (The O.S.S. in WWII).
Congratulations on having the History Channel recommend you! You really deserve it!
Thanks so much!!!!
-- Laura
Manchester High School

Dear Ms. Oz,
I used to think I was a pretty good teacher (6th grade social studies).  By finding your site (and quite by accident), you have instantly made me a better teacher.  Thank you so much for all your effort in creating this site. Our system has implemented a new curriculum and new text this school year. Unfortunately, much of our new curriculum thus far is not found in our new text (don't get me started!), which gives us the challenge to seek out relevant information to our study of Europe, Latin America, Canada, and Oceania this year.  In your site, I have now found everything I need to supplement our text book! I also have a son who is a senior in high school who is taking AP Government.  Your site should be a great resource to him as well.
Thanks again for what you have done.
-- Jay P.
Social Studies Teacher
Buford, Georgia   USA 

I’m 23 now, and when I was a bit younger (12 years ago) I got to hear “We didn’t start the fire”. Over the years, I’ve come back to your site again and again to refresh my memory on what the song is all about.
Thanks for keeping it up.
-- David S.

I have to tell you I love your site.....I happened on it looking for a U.S. Navy question. I have saved this for future for me and for homework for my girls!!!
Wow all the information is just amazing!! Thank you!!
With Great Interest
-- Stephanie

Mrs Oz,
I can only say what a truly great resource you have created, it is by far the most comprehensive directory of links to history sites I have seen. I was and I mean was thinking of creating a resources section to help my visitors (mostly students) but I do not believe I could do as great a job as you have, so have added a link to your site from my home page. I did post an article on my personal blog telling the world that sometimes you need to bow to others. A great resource that I am sure you are proud of and kids must think they have found a goldmine.  
-- steve

I just wanted to tell you that I think your website is a great learning experience for people of all ages.  This site helped me get a really good grade on a Social Studies project.  There isn't a whole lot to say about it other than what I have said already.
Your website is the best!!!!!
Jayme K. 

I am a 17 year old senior at West Salem High School in Salem, Oregon. As of now I am in AP European History, as you probably already know the AP exams are soon approaching. My teacher is using this time to strengthen our FRQ and DBQ skills and abilities, preparing us for the test. I have to  do well in the class and on the test because my career goal is to be a Social Studies teacher. Sorry, back to the reason I am writing. I am doing a large paper on 19th c. Christianity and up til now my research was leading me no where fast. I have used your page back when I was a freshman in American Studies but I forgot about your site until today. I found it and discovered why I used it so often then. I want to thank you for using your knowledge to make a web site like this. It has saved me in the past, present, and hopefully the future. Thank you again for a spectacular site.
Your Loyal Browser,
- Dave S. 

Wow. What a cool website. I've met history lovers before, but you are the Queen. (That's a complement, BTW) I came across your site while researching for a history report, and I just got sucked in. Anyways, I just wanted to say how cool I thought it was. And to let you know that I'll be using it for sure.
- Felicity 

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I found this website while browsing for information on the High Middle Ages and it has been of great help! My husband is a history teacher and a participant in the Society for Creative Anachronism for several years and although I have been to a few events and have a basic knowledge of history- I really felt the need to learn more about the time period and the people who lived. Your site has been an essential part of my research as we are currently teaching in Thailand and I am unable to stop by the local library and find resources to help. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the work you have done!
- Nola D.

...just discovered your very helpful web site for history. I, too, am a  lover of history. thank you.
-- Terry D.
Broken Arrow, OK

Mrs. OZ....just a quick note to THANK YOU for an incredible website...I cannot imagine the amount of time / effort it took to get to the "stage" it's in now!!!! It is wonderful!!! I originally was Googling (a word yet???) the lyrics to B.Joel's".....start the FIRE...." song ( which you BRILLIANTLY composed, by the way!! ) when I stumbled upon your site! 3.5 hours LATER, I'm STILL HERE, and writing you!!! Your students have to be the LUCKIEST kids in the WORLD!!!! I need to get you to teach me your time mgmt. skills - I have NONE!!!! Anyway, now I'm rambling....take care, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for.......EVERYTHING!!! God Bless you, and YOUR FAMILY!!!! Yours,
-- Steve T. 

My name is George, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Greece. I just wanted to congratulate you for your site. I used to hate history class but your work gave a new meaning to the subject. I really mean that. I even started reading ancient greek history in my spare time!!! Another thing about me is that although I'm greek I love the USA. My dream is to study and live in the U.S. I always wanted to learn some thing about America but I didn't had the sources.Now that I've found your site I can start learning..Thank you again for your work..
-- George K. 

This website is totally awesome. I forward it to the entire Social Studies staff. The feedback has been phenomenal! Thanks for your hard work.
-- Glenn B.
Dr. Freddie Thomas High School
Rochester, NY

Dear Mrs. Oz,
Thank you for providing such a resource to teachers and students.  You have helped me plan my public speaking presentations for high school Seniors between now and June 1st.  It is obvious that you have put a lot of time and organization into your gathering of this information.  In order to think critically we must first have the facts to think about and this is a great service you provide.
-- Mike H.
American and Comparative Government (Grade 12)
Political Theory(Grade 10)
Bishop O'Connell High School 
Arlington, Virginia 

As a High School and College Teacher, I am grateful for your site. I find it quite accurate and unbiased. Many teachers (especially young elementary teachers) with websites tend to have a particular agenda. I have noticed more and more sites becoming quite biased (particularly against male students). I am grateful that you continue to list sites with accurate detail and/or facts regardless or the student. As a teacher, accurate
history is fundamental.
Thanks again
-- Mr. Sanchez
Los Angeles, California 

I am a second – year 8th grade social studies teacher in Pennsylvania and your site is a godsend!!  I can’t fathom the amount of time  you put into searching for all these sites, and then creating this wonderful site!  This is just incredible!
-- Douglas T.

Just found your site today while looking for some timeline resources for a project my class is working.  You have a very nice collection of resources laid out here.  I am already passed your site on to several of my teaching friends.  Thought I would drop you a line and give you a thumbs up.  We teachers aren't always the first to receive thanks. :)
Thanks again,
-- Matt L., North School - Social Studies

I am a Media-Specialist secretary and part of my job is to complete research on particular subjects for teachers before they bring their classes in.  Just when I thought I had exhausted all means for good sites I found you.  I am so happy.  Before I found you I searched many sites and by great detail.  I love doing the research, but was getting
tired and looking for something new.  I have actually spent half the day today locating specific information out of your site.  I was even happier when I finally got the bottom and found that you multiple sites. Thank you for making my job easier and I commend all your hard work you have put into your site.  
-- Paula G.
Media Secretary
Fulmer Middle School
Columbia S.C.

Just a note to tell you what a fabulous webpage you have:
I am a retired teacher who taught the same subjects and grades as you do/did
in addition to math. I am forwarding your page to all my friends who have a keen interest history and politcs.
Again, thanks. It must have been a lot of work putting together.
-- Eldridge

I am an English student with a wide array of other interests, mostly ancient history and mythology. Your site is great! Thank you for keeping it up, great job. I can really use this resource.
Good luck for the future
Kindest regards,
-- Megi

I am amazed and impressed by the wealth of information on your website. It really enriches the history experience for my own students and I'm sure many others as well. Keep up the great work. Your little brother Drew must be proud.
-- anon. 

I am teaching summer school, here in San Antonio, Tex, at Warren High School and my seniors are working on their research papers.  I want you to know how excited they were when they happened on your site... as was I. You have so much information and it is so user friendly. I wish I were more computer literate so that I could ceate a web page for school...nothing like yours, mind you, but something that would interest my future students and their parents.  Something with some links and graphics. 
Thank you so much for a very informative and enjoyable site.  I know it is a ton of work.
-- anon. 

Wow! this is a outstanding. this page is very informative, and there or some many students like me that has received a lot of information and help for their time line.
-- CMW 

What a wonderful site I've found.  I was watching C-Span this Memorial Day morning and got interested in checking on some things concerning World War II.  I went looking for World War II songs via a Google Search and soon was led to your site. It will take months and months to check out everything you have links to. I'll be looking over your site in the days ahead and will be marveling at all the work you've put into it.
-- Curt W. 

I'm researching a large project for US history to use in our alternative high school, and I can't tell you how many times I rely on your site. Thank you for all your hard work and passion.
-- Gay C.
Henderson Bay High School
Gig Harbor, WA 

Thanks a bunch. This site basically saved my history project.
-- Nathan
Burke, VA 

Thank you for the past years of great work on your website.  I am a teacher of senior History in Australia and have recommended your site to literally hundreds of young people.  Our topics have ranged from Medieval History to Midway, the Holocaust to the Civil war.  All terrifically covered by you.  As someone who in the early days tried to make web pages to help my pupils I also have considerable admiration for your dedication.
Cheers and keep up the great work
-- BMK
Pittwater House Schools * Collaroy * Sydney * Australia

Thank you for a most excellent site.  It helped me earn an "A" in my college Western Civ course last semester and is helping me do the same this semester as well. 
I am new to teaching - my cert is Social Studies - your site is helping me make my lesson plans more interesting.  I am definitely planning on passing your link to my students.
-- R. T. X. 

You have one of the most informative web site I've seen. I write historical fiction and the leader of our international critique group added this link. How wonderful!

Thank you for your hard work and sharing it with us.
-- Jerri

I am a 10th grade Global History and Geography teacher at Hilton High School in Hilton, NY (just outside Rochester, NY).  I have saved your site to my favorites and I use it quite often.  As a teacher, I have found amazing information to use.  Your site has not only been beneficial for me, but for my students as well.  Thanks so much for taking the time to create such an amazing website!  Your site puts mine to shame, but I am alright with that!  I just started the Russian Revolution and thought to check your site out-once again, your site proved to be useful!
Thanks so much for your dedication and love for history! 
-- Jen M.

Terrific site - full of links, info, etc., and very well organized.  Thank you very much for all your work.  (I found you via Google, BTW.)
-- maryanne

Fantastic site.  One of my AP American History students found your site, notified me, and I have now passed it on to my collegues in our department.  Nice work.  Keep it up.

-- Dan P., New Prague High School Social Studies Instructor 

I just wanted to let you know that I love your web site.  We found tons
of material for my son' class project!
-- anon.

OZ, what a great project, (we must be long lost kin, I love your music and movie picks, but you left out Bruce Springstein ok, ok, I am from NY – NJ perhaps that is why I would include BRUCE!) ) I am life long Democrat (I am SURE you are one) and lover and former teacher of US History I think your site is the best!   I just discovered it, and I plan to spend some of this weekend reviewing it!
My favorite Jefferson quote is “Your error does me no injury sir.”
And my favorite movie quote is from Casablanca
As Rick toasts Captain Renou he says “confusion to the enemy”
-- Tom

       My name is Sean. I am a ninth grader at Peters Township High School in
western Pennsylvania. I was researching a question on a study guide that I was
to complete for my American Gov't. class. The question was; "The eagle (meaning
the one on the presidential seal) used to be depicted facing to the right,
but Harry Truman had the eagle changed to face the left. Why?" I was very
pleased to find the exact answer to that question in only a few minutes of brief
research by typing in "Harry S. Truman + one dollar bill" on Google. The fourth
result listed on the search lead me to your site.
    After completing my study guide, I decided to check out the site on which
I had found the answer to my question, so I did. I was blown away by the
vastness of your site. I have added it to my favorites and told my buddies about
it and will be sure to use it in the future.
Thanks, Sean
P.S. There is only one other site in my favorites at this time and it so
happens to be a Pink Floyd lyrics page. 

I just found your site, and I am knocked out.  I am recommending it to
people all over the place.
Loved the page about you, and we share many of the same tastes.  I have
to ask, then, what you think of Buffy (the TV series, not the movie)?  
And the movie Brazil?  And Spinal Tap?  (I am dating myself).
Law and Order is my all-time favorite, but I watched Buffy from the
beginning, and think it is truly brilliant.
Anyway, thanks for the great site!
-- anon.

Love your site and the information you display!

-- Kevin K.

Wow, this is an extraordinary website! I'm a french student from Brest
University and I'm writing my thesis on THE OREGON TRAIL. This web site will
help me a lot in my researches. So much information & accurate links on a
single website, it's amazing! Thanks a lot!
-- Alexandra, 21, France

My name is jason green and i live in Owen Sound, Ontario. I would just like to thank you for having this web site on the web. i was able to aquire all the info i need. I am in a grade 11 Academic History class and my teachers name is Mr. Joe R. i would like to inform you that your website has been very usefull to me and i hope i will be needing it again. Thank You very much
-- Jason G.

Very useful website!!! You have very complete links to the Americas! Great job and thanks! (I was doing some research on the first civilizations on Latin America)
Talis A. 

Thank you so much for the grat website on Billy Joel's Song, We Didn't
Start the Fire!  I am a teacher in Southern California and am doing this
activity with my students for their final project of the year!
-- Megan E. 

Your site is marvelous. Soooooooooo much information. Surely you forgot An Affair To Remember as one of your favorite
What an excellent memorial to your brother Drew.
Thank you so much for all the work, that is so apparent, on your site.
-- anon.

Hi- I am absolutely amazed at the amount of information and the number of subjects contained on your site!  I passed the link on to my son's teacher to share with his students.
Thanks for creating and maintaining such a great resource!  It has now been added to My Favorites.
-- K. D.

I am a history AP student that was recently searching on the web for a site that provided me with some good study tools for the upcoming test. I visited the "official" sites and found almost no helpful study guides or information. i was so impressed with your site and wanted to thank you for creating it, as now most of my class has taken to looking at it as part of the study routine. It has helped me tremendously and I hope your students now feel as confident about taking the test as i am.
Thank you,
-- Cora 

Hello Mrs. Oz,
Wow!  After a quick look around your site I am very excited at its depth and usefullness.  I have been teaching for eleven years and have had a little homework helper site for my students but what you have created is mind boggling!  The maps, the charts, the information, etc...  Thank you very much for posting all this info and for inspiring me to get going on organizing my own site in more detail.  Any tips? 
-- Mike B.
Hawthorne, California

I am a first year AP World teacher, and I am so happy to have such a comprehensive site to recommend to my kids!  Thanks
-- anon.

i would like to thank you for this site you are a life savor LITERALLY!! i had a hard time finding things i needed for my world history class thank you very much
-- priscilla fort lauderdale high school

Hello Mrs. Oz,
Wow!  After a quick look around your site I am very excited at its depth and usefullness.  I have been teaching for eleven years and have had a little homework helper site for my students but what you have created is mind boggling!  The maps, the charts, the information, etc...  Thank you very much for posting all this info and for inspiring me to get going on organizing my own site in more detail.  Any tips? 
-- Mike B.
Hawthorne, California

I just want to say thank you.  I am currently using your site to work on a research paper I'm doing on Women and World War 2.  Your site has some of the most extensive amount of research I have ever seen.  Thank you so much.  You have made my job of researching so much easier.  I can not express my gratitude.  I guarentee you I will be telling my teacher about you site and how useful it is.  Once again thank you.
-- anon.

Hi Tracey,
Just want to thank you for your wonderful website.  I am a homeschool teacher in Florida, teaching my 7 year old daughter.  I am not a big lover of history, but your site may be changing that.
I would like to share your website with the other homeschoolers and post it on our website.  I have already added it to my own personal 'list of websites'.
You did an awesome job.
thank you,
-- Cathy

I just found your website and I am simply amazed! I am a first year
social studies teacher teaching 7th grade students in Huber Heights, Ohio. While
searching for information on the middle ages, I found your sight and was
astounded. Your site is truly a godsend. Thank you for all of your hard work and
dedication to history.
-- Mark G.

I found your site as a link from the holocaust forum. Charlotte O. referred the group to you. As someone who just completed training as an interviewer of holocaust survivors I plan to use your extensive link to holocaust sources on a regular basis. As a former librarian I am in awe of your entire site. Certainly the best I have ever come across. I agree with all the comments you have received from others. If there is an "Oscar" or "Tony" award for websites you have my vote. Thanks for all that you have done.
-- Stephen J.

Thank you........I have been in your web site every night here for 3-days in a row.
I am so grateful to you for taking the time to compile these links.
I was never taught much about the Civil War in school. I thought the Emancipation Proclamation was something greater than it really was, and I was told Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, but in fact he old freed a few in slave states.
Thanks to "The History Channel", PBS, and you, I have learned more about civil rights in a few months then I learned in all my years in school.  I now know why when I travel to the south and visit a battle field there is never an acknowledgment that the south lost anything in the civil war. (The myth of the lost cause)
I have two mixed race children and I am white. I need to see the world from another view point then my own, and your site is helping.
David Y. - Rockford, Illinois 

Words actually escape me about how utterly thankful I am for stumbling upon your web site!!!  My name is Amy & I am a 46 year old first year 8th grade Social Studies teacher (after 17 years of Home Ec., resulting in 2 mini strokes) with severe ADHD, who knows squat about US History!  Being that I am considered an "unconventional teacher", because of my vocational view on education, I firmly believe in delivering true "hands on History lessons" which are very creative, but very draining.  Over Christmas break I needed to learn about U.S. History after the Rev. War through the War of 1812, then prepare to teach it to my students. (All by the end of the semester: Jan. 15) Landing on your web site was nothing less than a gift from God for me.  I don't want to burden you with the rest of the details & how I have warned my students to "Brace Themselves" for the next adventure, but just know that I truly feel prepared for my little 8th graders because of you!  THANK YOU, THANK YO
U, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most sincerely from the bottom of my toes.
--Amy C., Richards Middle School, Fraser, MI

I am a writer and wanted to compliment you on a most excellent site. The
material collected here has been a big help to me.
-- Chuck

Wow Tracey, what a fantastic website you have created, its going to take me
weeks to go through all the web resources listed on your pages!
Thanks again for your wonderful website,
-- Billy F.
National Museums Liverpool

I just wanted to drop an e-mail telling you your web page is inspirational!  I teach AP US History in Dayton, Ohio and am very thankful for the resources you have provided my classes.  Your time and talent is greatly appreciated.
Keep up the good work!
-- Pat M.

I read your series of links: molto belli!
-- Prof. Piero Morpurgo, Italy

WOW, what a site!  GOOGLE listed your site first when searching “US Government, organization”.  I am a lover of history and found your site to be a favorite for teaching my 4 children.
-- anon.

Dear Mrs.oz
I am a student attending Symmes Juniour High School In Alymer Quebec
I just wanted to thank you for having your knowledge out in the open and helping student/teacher or anyone to enjoy history.I thank you very much I enjoy your website and will be checking out more info on it.
(by the way I used your website for the middle ages to help me)
-- Sincerely,Tyler Y. 

Just a quick note to say thank you for a fantastic website!  The time
and effort that you have put into it is appreciated.
I teach History at a girls' school in England and I will be making use
of many of the resources that your site and links provide.
-- APD, England

What an incredible site. The vast links and information contained therein are astounding. It's one of the best resources I've found yet. Thanks for all the time and effort you've put into it. It's wonderful to finally find a site that has such a large inclusion from this time period.  I have recently started a sword and dagger collection and I've found your site so very helpful in weeding out the trash and focusing on the important details of medievil times.  Thanks again.
-Tracy F.

I would like to ask permission to link my library media center site to your website. Your website is beyond wonderful; I am so impressed that you have time to do all the things you do.
Thank you,
-- Brenda G.
Middle and Upper School Librarian
Nashville, TN

Just wanted to let you know- I put your site on my Favorite list, and
it has really helped me in searching out info on my Grandfathers WWII
-- Brad H., Louisville, KY

I stumbled across your site while looking for lyrics to an old Kent Cigarette advertising jingle .. it was linked to another site. As a parent of three teens (1 in college, 2 in high school), I would like to commend you for compiling such a comprehensive site. I will make sure that all three have it book marked for the coming years.
- Anon.

Just wanted to say I found your website while using Google to locate a list
of the order in which States joined the Union. It's now book marked as a
great resource on the USA. Thanks for all the hard work
- John D., Oxford UK

So extensive and inspirational!  World history and geography is so important and it is good to see that there is one American who is not insular in mind and attitude and looks outside your lovely country.  Your pupils must be gaining a superb insight into the way we were and why we exist as we do today.  I often browse the internet for mine and my children's' benefit.  I shall certainly be guiding my boys to your site when they have those thorny questions that need answering.
Well done
- Barry R., Timperley, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Its really cool because you have so much information on the leaders. That's really good because I have a World War II project, and at first I couldn't find anything.
- Anon.

I am a graduate student in Secondary Ed- Social Studies. I have used the resource lists on your site as inspiration for lesson plan assignments. Just wanted to say thanks!
- Lois K., New York.

- NICK R., RHS 2002-2003

In reviewing this site, I was so impressed by the depth of information that you have found, that I had to forward the site to my friends and to family members, especially those who have school aged children. Thank you for spending the time to do this and for making history come alive. I could only hope that my school aged children will experience a teacher such as you; one who will make school turn into a positive life long learning experience. 
- Anon.

I home school my 3 children.  This year I decided to find them websites that correspond with their lessons in their books, since you can usually get much more interesting info on line.  Imagine 3 kids, 3 different sets of books (history included).  Your site made my work much easier.  I book marked it for future reference as their lessons change.  Thank you.
- Shawna M.

Dear Mrs. Oz,
My wife, the librarian, sent your site on to me, the elementary school teacher with a particular fondness for English and Social Studies.  I will happily send your site along to the two high schoolers in my home and with other teachers.  Thank you for such a thorough and valuable site.
-Steve in Southern California

Dear Mrs. Oz,
I guess you'll receive e-mails from all over the world - this one is from Vienna, Austria.
I'm a teacher at a Primary School , but I'm also teaching high School students (English).
One of my students had asked to to find some interesting backgrond information to the newly released film "Gangs of New York".
Surfing the Internet my search engine led gave me a hint to your website - which I think is wonderful (useful and very detailed, technically simple (which is GOOD). I will recommend it to English and History teachers here in Vienna, if That's OK with you.
Thanks for putting so much effort into this project.
The knowledge and understanding of history is so important to ALL OF US (I think)
With respect and best regards from Vienna
- Regina K., Vienna, Austria

Many thanks for the abundance of resource you have provided to the world.  I have a great love for history and I just was not able to stop exploring all the sites you have listed.  I'm a Social Studies Specialist for my district, Harlandale ISD in San Antonio.   I'm always searching for resources for my teachers.  Again, thank you for your dedication and hard work. 
If I can ever be of any assistance, please feel free to email me.
Have a glorious day. 
- Anon.

Hi. Your website was highly recommended on the LM_NET today, the school librarians' listserve, so you'll probably get lots of traffic today.
I am falling in love with your website, just as the person said we would.
Would it be okay to link my library to your website, here in Buffalo?
-- Liz K. 

I know you've heard it before, but thanks for putting this site
together. As an American history teacher, it is the first place I go
when I plan a project and many of the links you've set up wind up as
links for my students. Keep up the outstanding work!
-- Kevin 

I just wanted to write and say that you have created a wonderful resource! I am a first year teacher in New Jersey and I have used your site countless times for specific information and to just get off in the right direction on a new topic. My colleagues also rave about the links. 
Thanks again! 
-- Brianne S. 

So many sites, so little time! I never knew I could and would be this interested in history. Thank you so much, you are a terrific person!
-- Marilyn 

What a great website! I am doing a little internet research so that I can
share facts with my child psychology class (freshmen college level) on the
history of child welfare. I will share your site with them also and maybe
someone will be inspired to do a little outside reading!
Thanks for posting such helpful and interesting information!
-- Toni C., Memphis, TN

I just have to say this is one of the most useful sites I have been on.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
-- Jen M., 9th Grade Social Studies Teacher 

mrs. oz
thank you so much for this wonderful site!! my teacher, ms. mattson is amazed! she was so excited when she came upon it. i attend middletown high school in middletown, de and i am currently working on my social studies midterm. this year it is take home and i was beginning to lose hope. the website was so great that our teacher had to share it with us. thank you again!
-k r i s t e n 

This site is nothing short of amazing. It has halped me so me so much with
a term paper I am writing on the 14th Amendment. Thank you so much.
-- Anon.

I just wanted to thank you so much for this site! I have a major history exam coming up and this is a great way to help me find information! Keep up the great site!
-- Beverly, age 13 

My name is Kitti and Im from Hungary. Every time I need info I come to this page and always find what I've been looking for. I just want to say thank you for this amazing store of knowledge. 
-- kitti

This is a GREAT site! it helps me a lot with my projects I'm doing for school! thanks!

Hey I really like your We didn't start the fire show....Love it love it!!!!!
thanks for all the hard work. :)
...Teresa :) 

Just writing to say your website is absolutely fantastic. I'm a first year education student at the University of Sydney, studying to be a geography/history/social studies teacher and your site is always my first point of reference when starting assignments.
Thanks very much, hope you continue your great work
Kind regards,
-- Laura

I am the librarian at Rio Americano High School. A librarian on the LM_net recommended your site for anything to do with history. I would like permission to provide my students with a link to your web site. Everything related to history. Thank you.

-- Marlene F., librarian 
Rio Americano High School
Sacramento, Ca.

Thanks for your great History Site! I have installed a pointer to your 
page on my Website at
-- Thanks! Lowell 

Thank you for that wonderful site! I am doing a project on WWII and your web site with its many links helped me immensely. I love your web site. I will be using it in the future!
Thank you
-- A WWII Web Surfer

Hello Mrs. Oz!
I came across your wonderful website in doing some research on the Civil War. I am about your age (eek - probably older) and enjoyed reading the page about you, your likes and dislikes as they pretty much mirror mine (re: favorite actors, movies, books, etc.).
Then I found that you are, of course, from the greatest area in the world, the DFW Metroplex! Its like we're related or something! I live in Weatherford, just west of Fort Worth. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your most wonderful website, and let you know that yet another person has found it and thoroughly enjoyed it.
-- Julie G. Abbott, Ph.D 

Hi my name is Ariel and i go to Concord Middle School in North Carolina.Im working on a project for Social Studies in the middle ages...I judst wanted to say that you have got a great website and its helped me alot with my project...Thanks so much.
-- Ariel 

Hey. I am a 8th grader at a school in Katy, Texas. I am in theater arts and for veterans day we are doing a performance featuring diaries, poetry and pictures reminding people of the fallen people. While we were in the computer lab looking for research, the teacher asked us to use this site, and I must say, this is a really good site. I do have one question though, how much time did making this site take??
Thanks for great info about the different wars.

Thank-you for helping me on my Roanoke project. Ms. Toussaint gave this topic. Now i know i am going to get an A.
-- anon. 

I love your website!!!I teach Texas history Honors and G.T. in Spring,
outside of Houston. My students and I find your web page very helpful.
Our librarian at my school gave me your website and it's great. I really
do not see how you have the time to keep up your webpage and take care of
your family and teach too!
Thank you for making the website! My whole Social Studies department uses
Thanks Again,
-- Barbara I. 
Spring, Texas 

this site helped me SO MUCH with my homework! 
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- anon. 

Thank you so much for compiling your history web site. It has been of immense help to my students and me as we have been involved in an online project on the Middle Ages. Your site has been of more vaule to us than any other site we have used.
I must admit I have ulterior motives in writing to you. In addition to thanking you, I wanted to beg you to keep your web site alive and active. So many times, I have found good sites, and then they have disappeared. I'd love to be able to use your site in years to come.
Thanks again....and keep up the good work!!
K. Hibbett
Deer Park Community Schools
Cincinnati, OH

Dear Teacher Oz:
When I first came across your site, I knew I had found a gold mine of information. I've shared it with many professionals and computer wizards. I'm there will be many better history students because of this resource you have provided.
Thanks so much. 
-- John L. 

I just wanted to say thanks for all the info on women in the workforce during the 1940's. I had been searching for a really long time trying to find info I could use on a project in my History class. Thank again!!
-- Abby B. 

Thank you, Thank you. I have bookmarked this site. It will take me a dozen or more visits to exhaust its resources. 
Thanks for a great website. 
-- Don W. 

I wanted to compliment you on a great web-site. It is easy to use and has 
lots of useful links. thanks for doing this!
-- Debby R. 

Thank you for making this site all about History! I am in the middle of doing 
a 3rd quarter project for my history class and your site helped me like no 
one could believe! I am almost finished and i got all my information from the 
stuff on your site. Thank you very much and i hope that you keep updateing 
you site so i can use it for other history things i may do in the future.
Tucson, Arizona
Secrist Junior High, 8th Grade 

I'm a freshman in high school and my mother is home schooling me, one of her 
asignment was to look up all the people in the song "We didn't start the 
Fire". Your page was alot of help and I wanted to thank you. So............
-- Brittany 

A colleague recommended your website - it is terrific. I wish I were
teaching history again! I love the Texas site and will email my friends
there in case they haven't discovered it yet.
Thanks for your help from an English teacher in Southern California.
-- Bonnie J. 

This site is incredible! I just happened upon it today and am so grateful to you. I've been teaching World History for a few years & now find myself teaching US - love your site! (passing it on to my fellow teachers)
-- Madrina B. 
Teacher, Mayde Creek High School
A119 World Geography/U.S. History 

Well, you are the first web-page "designer" I've ever written to. However...yours is one of the absolute best web-sites I have ever visited. We just hosted a "Living U.S. History Museum" for 8th graders at my son's school. Yours was one of the web-sites we had the students access. We had them look up certain things, but browse some, too. I can't tell you how impressed everyone was. I taught History for 8 years, and I almost want to do it again just so I can share this site with classes of kids!! Thanks for a great resource!!
-- Patricia
Katy, Tx 

Absolutely amazing! My son is going to be on your site for hours. How
dedicated you must be! Thank you!
-- Joann 

Fantastic website. Kudos on all of the work done. I found it when
researching women swashbucklers for my 6th Grade History class. I will
probably scour it for more tidbits of info for my 8th Grade History class as
well. From one history teacher to another, great job.
-- Joel M. 
Pilgrim Lutheran School
Houston, Texas
P.S. I just showed your site to my 5th Grade History colleague. Another

That is the best website I have ever seen! I am a former History teacher and 
currently the Dean of Students at a large high school in Ocala, Florida. I 
was absolutely giddy telling my Social Studies department about it. I made 
them promise to check it out immediately. I love the depth coverage of all 
subjects, not just a few links to a lesson plan written by someone. It is by 
far the best website I have ever seen. I keep going back to it just for fun. 
Great job!
-- Gary M. 

I am a teacher in Texas who teaches regular, pre-AP, and AP U.S.History classes and I want to thank you for the wonderful web site. It has been a great help and inspiration for me.
-- Pat S.

10/20/01 - Hi! I am a teacher in Queensland, Australia! I am currently teaching a unit
on the Superpowers and Cold War!  Thank you for a great site! it is one that I will pass on to all my colleagues!! Thank you for making history teaching that little bit easier!!! Thanks!! In awe, Sally
Sally T

10/9/01 - hello, i'm kevin. i go to school at IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana. i like your website of the western civilization cuz it's helped me so far with my class of it. just wanted to commend you.

10/4/01 - Mrs. Oz, Thank You so much you have been most helpful. I finished my brochure thanks to you. I love your site. Our teacher Chris Crosby refers us to your site. Once again GREAT site and keep up the good work. 
Thanks again,

10/4/01 - Awsome site. Thanks for putting it together.
Suzette M.
Wall ISD
Wall, Texas

9/30/01 - I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of my whole 8 grade History class. We are really impressed with your site. we are currently studying the Original Colonies. This site has been extremely helpful.
Newton Middle School,8th grade American History Class

9/30/01 - im impressed with your web site it is one of my favortes i use it for all my 
history projects and my teacher is shocked that i know all of my work.
-- anon.

9/26/01 - We looked at your page one day in class for a research project and it 
really helped me. 
--- Ciara B.

9/26/01 - Cool Web site!!!! --- anon.

9/25/01 - Hello,
I'm sure you have heard these comments countless times before but I believe
in telling a person when he/she has done well and your U.S. History page is
beyond words, it is so fantastic. Many thanks! It will take me ages to get
through it but it is absolutely the very best American history site I have
ever seen!
--- Susan B.

8/31/01 - I just wanted to thank you for this web page. My American History teacher handed us this song and we had to write a paper on what the words meant. Thanks to this web site I got my report done and got an A on it. Thank you again.

8/30/01 - hi there! As a junior at connellsville area high school in pennsylvania i'd just like to tell you that your site really helped me a lot on a report i am doing for my world cultures class. It was exactly what i needed!
--- Carley S

8/21/01 - Thanks so much for your We Didn't Start the Fire page! As for it's being a
great teaching tool, I have heard a rumor that the Medill School of
Journalism uses it as a final exam! Again, thanks for a wonderful site. If only all websites were both so fun and so educational.
--- anon.

8/3/01 - Ms. Osborn,
Being one who has been entranced by Texas History for a little more than a decade, I find it surprising that I am only now happening across your web site, Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History. I started to simply place a comment in your guestbook but you will see shortly why I chose this method. To say that I was impressed with what you have compiled and presented would be a gross understatement. What you have done is obviously a labor of love and dedication, and accolades cannot justly commend you. Thank you for all you have done to provide a resource whose value can never be fully reconciled.
Catch you up the trail,
Jim <><

7/30/01 - You history site is unbelievable!!! I cannot imagine that you maintain it
yourself or that you compiled it by yourself. If you did you are a
magician. If you had help, it is still the most complete site I have ever
seen--and I have seen many of them in my teaching days. I have never had a
textbook, and I teach humanities.

6/24/01 - I have always wondered about some of the names in this song.
Being Australian many had no real significance. Others everyone knew about. I was so amazed to find your page and see every word linked to a news article. 
Keep up the good work. It is an amazing page and must be hard to keep up to date which you seem to be doing! Even a few of the links I have bookmarked for later. You have done a legendary effort and should be proud!!!
--- Amanda B

6/10/01 - Hi, I want to tell you that I love your site! Thank you for putting links in with the lyrics. My husband and I were listening to the song today and discussing which things we knew and which we didn't. I decided to look it all up and I came across your site. It was a big help. Kelly H.

6/3/01 - Thank you for the kind comment about my page that you posted to the
H-HIGH-S list.
I have been checking out your page; it is very impressive. I will have to spend some time this summer looking at some of your lists. That is the trouble with creating a page like this--the work never ends. But since I am basically a researcher/scavenger at heart, I still add to it.  I really enjoyed the animated graphics that you had on some of your pages. I think my freshmen would also enjoy them. Thanks so much
-- Marcella R., Social Studies Teacher in Maryland

6/3/01 - A "sui generis" work of Art and Love of History. Keep on keying....
Paula & Edward T.
History Dept. Pennsbury High School,
Comm. of Pa.,Dept. of Welfare/Social Workers
Lower Bucks, Pa.

6/3/01 - Hello. I just wanted to say thank you very much... you just helped me get a good grade on my social studies project!!! Your page is a life-saver.
--- anon.

6/2/01 - Thanks very much for developing and maintaining this page. The song has
intrigued my wife and me for years., and she's used it in her junior
high computer literacy class to challenge the kids to see on how many of
the references they can get internet search exercise.
I was developing a Sunday school class lesson on Ecclesiastes and part
of it centers on the repeated phrase "Nothing new under the sun," and I
feel this song epitomizes that statement. I was glad to find your page
as it seems a very complete reference of the lyrics. --- anon.

5/29/01 - Your website was extremely helpful to me in completing my history project. Your links are very good and have alot of info thanks. --- anon.

5/17/01 - I've enjoyed and appreciated your History Site and have recommended it to others.
Sincerely, John L., Pastor (retired)

5/21/01 - awesome site. i love it. great job!!
--- tegan, egyptology fan 

5/14/01 - What a Fantastic web site!, Well done!, please keep it going!.
--- Paul, Liverpool, England UK.

5/8/01 - For the past few months I have been creating a web site collecting the
best of Texas History on the Web for my junior high clases. I call it
the magical history tour... Anyway, in my research I came across your
page. Everything I hope to do, you have already done! But you didn't
do just Texas history, you did it all! Wow! Awesome! Thanks. --- Kathy

5/5/01 - You are a fabulous individual for making this page. I'm using it as the springboard for my student's research paper. 
--- Laura Z.

4/28/01 - Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful and informative website! I am a Senior Airman in the Air Force, currently going through Airman Leadership School. We are required to write two papers, and thanks to your website, I now have plenty of information for the topics I have chosen which are Women in Combat, and Women as Prisoners of War.
I will be sure to give you proper credit in my bibliography. Thank you again!
--- SrA Kianna S.

4/9/01 - Hello, This is a great site! Thank you!
Roger E., Western Heights High School, Oklahoma City

3/6/01 - Greetings. What a wonderful web-site! I'm a free-lance writer who does a great deal of research on the net and pages like yours are just wonderful. ---Bethany

3/6/01 - When my media specialist gave me this website address and said that he
thought any more would be overwhelming - I must say I was a little
upset. How can one website have everything my students would need for
their project - who is he to decide that? Well, needless to say when I
went to check it out my jaw dropped - where has this site been all of my
teaching career????
This must have taken you years to put together and I thank you for all
of the time and effort you have put into it. Bravo!
A very grateful teacher - Jamie D

3/2/01 - Tracey: I read about your site on LM_NET (a librarian's discussion 
group) last year, and we continue to be absolutely impressed with it, 
the more we use it (I'm a librarian at a large high school in 
Minnesota). Between the Library of Congress American Memory site and 
your site, we can offer history students all of the resources they 
would possibly need. Great work, and I think it's a great idea to add 
your photo. It gives a personal touch to your considerable efforts. 
Thank you for your work with your site. It's quite a model. --- Keith J.

2/28/01 - Just though I would say to you that this is the greatest site I have been to. You have really put some work into it and it shows. I now have it bookmarked and plan to enjoy myself with all the knowledge you have put on there! --- Mike T.

1/19/01 - Hi, Tracey: I can't tell you how much we love your site and how often we use
it. I'm astounded at the amount of work you've gone to on's
absolutely the very best history site I've ever seen on the Web. In fact,
it's the most complete of any specific type of site I've ever used. Keep up
the good work. I'm sure all of us who have found you are forever grateful.
--- Reggie B., Media Specialist, Mahtomedi High School (MN)

12/23/00 - I am very impressed with your work! This is a massive undertaking, and you did a beautiful job! I am now writing a book (in French) about the Middle Ages for children 9 to 12. Your site is the most complete that I found on the web! You have saved me hours of looking around to double-check my data ! 
This is an absolutely great work!
--- clodius

12/5/00 - Hi Tracey!

I just happened to stumble into your Web site. I lack words to express what 
I feel. Where do I start looking for things???  I'm a great History fan, and an Artist and a Writer. It will take quite a while to "browse" through that site and collect information on the subjects that interest me most at the moment.
I also liked your "a little about me" very much, including some of the 
books, films and songs.
--- Best Wishes, Kristina N.

12/2/00 - Congrats an excellent site, I'll pass it on, as it's worthy of been spread, it's truly an inspirational aid to the history of Great Britain. --- anon.

11/3/00 - Teacher OZ, 
Brilliant, "I didn't start the fire" 
A history lesson in its self, imbedded in a history site of wealth.
--- Regards, Maurice C.,MA(hist)

11/1/00 - This was an incredibly impressive website!!! Thank you for making it available to the public. 
--- Ashley S.

10/8/00 - You have created a most wonderful resource that, I am sure, will form the basis of many a study of Hitler, the Holocaust and the Nazis.
Thank you
--- Rory G.

I am impressed with this page. Thank your for it.
----Sir Richard Cadden

Hello there,
I just wanted to say GOOOOD JOB! on your website!! I am in awe of how much information you have here! I could find anything I ever wanted to know about history! It must have taken you forever! Well, thanks for putting it all on one page for the rest of the world! 
Keep up the good work!

Hi, Teacher Oz! I'm a junior in high school and I am assigned many history projects. Your site is one of the best resources out there; I find so much information and usually exactly what I'm looking for. My history teacher recommended your site to the class I'm in. Thanks for taking the time to create such a great site that's easy to use!

I am thoroughly impressed! I have contacted other popular sites to request assistance with problem areas with their sites and received responses which usually suggest that I must be the problem. You are the first to not only provide me with what I need, but, you did so in a timely manner. Thank you, it's exactly what I needed.
----Bill M.

i have just one comment YOUR SITE IS AWESOME ! i have got to do an assighnment for school and couldn't find any good info until i stumbled across your site and i soon found everything i needed and more thanks heaps!

I have never come across a more thorough site on the United States. Thank Heavens I bumped into it! Everything I could ever want to know is here and then some! Thank you for such a comprehensive site! I know I will visit often.

Dear Tracey.............
Really glad to find your site again.....
Susie on the Teacher Net helped me out and gave me your updated site address... Particularly glad to see you back online since I enjoy your Texas data very much.... Your old site is still there but refers only to you working on the update......Probably good if you could find a way to send inquires on to your new site................
There probably are 'gazillions' out there looking for you.........
You do a great job.....Thank you.....
----Bob S. - Oregon

Thank you so much for having this website. You have saved me!
I had a project due the next day, and couldn't find any info on the web. Then I found your website, and I was able to complete the project within an hour. This is the best history site I have ever seen. Keep up the great work!

Hi. I've just been looking at your page: and must commend you. You've done a terrific job of finding a variety of 19th century links! I've tried to find links just to western travel on my Overland Trail pages, so I know how much time you've spent! Also thanks for including some of my pages in your collection. I will definitely add a link to your pages.
Thanks again

When we moved, purchased a new computer, and loaded my former compilation of "addresses", the link to your site no longer worked. I was VERY worried that you had gone "out of print", so as to speak. Thank you for using the "gimmicky" nickname of "Teacher OZ", for it worked as a search term! I was able to find you at this new address (although I don't know how "new" it may be). Such a relief! The only reason that I sometimes don't use your site is to avoid overwhelming my children with information (!). 
As always, the sincerest respect for you and your accomplishments with this page.

Your site is absolutely wonderful! I am a 51-year-old, college-educated mom of a 12-year-old son. We will soon begin our first year of homeschool and your site is a rich resource. It is particularly nice that you focus on history because I believe it is often the most difficult subject to teach and to study. Thanks so much for all your hard work. It is very appreciated!

I seldom write fan letters. In this case, I'll make an exception to my no writing rule. It is a real joy to see a site so well-done. After wandering through for far longer than I intended I have reached a few conclusions. This site is very informative. It is intelligently put together. It seems to be ego-less. I think I would like to have you for a
friend. You seem to have a rare mix of intelligence, common sense, a sense
of humor, and a genuine caring nature. On top of all that you're pretty,
too !

Hello! I was doing research on some 70's trivia for a birthday party of my girlfriend's and I was so blessed to have come upon your site. It is the most comprehensive yet. Unfortunately, it took me over 2 hours to find it again, from the last time I stumbled upon it cuz I kept typing "retro" as a key word for the search on aol and it never found it again. Then I found it through netscape. Anyway, where does this site give you credit? 
Thanks again!
----Linda, San Francisco

i have my own set of educational links at and have always been very impressed by how well your site is done and how extensive it is ... you are often cited in my links
thanks again for a great set of links,

I wanted to write to say you've got a fantastic website. I was just checking out (via AltaVista) those sites which were linked to mine, and your General World History page has two links to mine. Checking your pages further, I was overwhelmed by all the links you have, & not just to history. I also like the way you've categorized your subjects. Some things are just so difficult to classify! Wanted you to know I'll definitely place a link or three to your pages as soon as I can.
Anyway, great job, and keep up the good work.
Tucson, AZ 

This is a brillant web site! It is comprehensive and offers many varying view points. It doesn't take just one side of the war. Great work. I like the primary documents the best. I am going to give this web sit address to all my fellow American history teachers. Thanks. 
----P. Roessner

Just had to send you a short note saying how wonderful your site is. As a fanatic of Roman history (Republican mainly) I was ecstatic for personal reasons when I first found you site. So MUCH information in all those wonderful links! Later I found more reason to admire your indexes while helping people on the Reference Desk. Many many thanks, and congratulations on a job VERY well done!
----Michael W.
Reference Assistant
Missouri River Regional Library

I'm only beginning to explore your site. Wow, I think I can imagine the
tremendous amount of time you've spent putting it together.
I had to stop quickly in my tour to add links to my submarine site - - and send as many submariners your way as possible.
Thanks for your efforts - now I'm going to go look around some more!
All the best...

I was just going through your site looking for World War II info and
just wanted to say your site is fabulous! I homeschool my two children
and we will get a tremendous amount of information and multimedia here.
Thank you for all your work in putting it together!

I am a history teacher in Liverpool, England. Your page was recommended by the TES. It is wonderful, I will recommend it to all my students. Thank you for all your hard work. Glad you like the Beatles!
----Anne K.

I was researching the web for a jester project for my son and your website
with information links was marvelous!
----Peggy :)

I am a Classics and History major at Monmouth College, Monmouth Illinois. I have found your site the most reliable for primary-stage research. Your site is very helpful and I and several other scholars at Monmouth College are very grateful for the work you do in maintaining your site. All this year, I have turned to Oz's Links for leads...and it has proved a success every time. Thanks again for your work.
si vales valeo!
----Joe O.
Monmouth College
Department of Classics

I am a parent who absolutely loves your web page. I had recommended your old one to MANY of my coworkers for their high school age kids to use as a resource. I and my wife had both spent hours and hours going from place to place through your wonderful links! I have even recommended your website to a history teacher I met while we were travelling in the UK last summer; she was very anxious to get home and try it. I had not been to your website for a few months though and when I tried my bookmark I was aghast! It no longer worked. After several hours of effort I am happy to report the success of finding you again. I do appreciate your efforts and find your website most informative AND enjoyable. Please keep up the wonderful work and Thanks.
A once again happy parent (at having found your site again)
----Wayne L.
Oceanside, California

this is packed with information. it help a lot. only if there were more web sites like this thank a lot.

Just wanted to let you know how grateful i am at finding your website.
I am doing two history papers. One on American history and one on
Canadian. I am doing both papers on WWII and women. American i am
focussing on women and employment and the canadian one i am focussing on
social aspects of womens involvement. Thanks again for all the
information. This website will be my link to so much info.
Great Job. Thanks again,
----Dawn R.

Howdy! I am a student at a Middle School in Coppell, Texas and I used your site to research a for project. I am very glad to have a site for Texas History! I am going to write down the address and give it to my teacher! Also there are some broken links and I thought you just might want to know that. Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! GRACIAS, MERCI, AND THANK YOU,

This is so neat....... loaded with interesting facts and information for study and pleasure!!!!!!! Thank You

Hey. Thanks a lot for your site. It must've taken a long time to put together. I really appreciate it. You seem to have a lot of enthusiasm about your teaching, and I admire that. I'm sure your students are really glad to have such a great teacher! Thanks again!

As a Senior Citizen in my 70's, I find great pleasure in reading your summaries of the religions of the world. I believe you have been accuarate and fair, even to my own denomination, Seventh-day Adventist. I love history and you are proving a great help to my study.
----John F. L.

Thank you for a wonderful resource site. My wife is a teacher and when I showed her your site, she was thrilled. I'm retired and use the computer at all hours of the day/night, so this was a very welcome change from other "dull" sources. Again, keep up the excellent work (GREAT JOB)
----Darron Johnson
P.S. Your now in my "Favorites" list

I wish to give you my thanks from the bottom of my heart for your infinately helpful web-site. Your page is by far and away the best resource of it's kind I have ever seen on the internet. Also, after seeing your favorite bands and what-not in your about me page, I have to say that you have great taste in music. As an AP American History student, your web-page has saved my life, and I will continue to use it throughout the rest of the
year. I, and others like me, are in your debt. Thank you again.

I just found your web page and like why didnt I know about it before - its great. I just happened to come accross it on a trip round the net on a wim about royal familes (I was looking for any princess that might be free) and its great. I am at University in UK, studying Psychology and AMERICAN STUDIES so this will be a place I will return to. Its great - Thanx.
(I think I need to find another word than great)
Yours Sincearly
----O. J. D.

Hello, I'm a student at John F Ross C.V.I in Guelph Ont.(Canada) During the Christmas holiday I was given a rather morbid task;to look up and write a project on Hitler and the Holocaust for English class I'm just E-mailing you to thank you for this wonderful site on WW2 'cause it helped me a ton.
sincerly yours,
----Mireille L.

I am an assistant principal/teacher and your site has been very beneficial to me. Keep up the good work.
----Stephan F.

hey, your site is the bomb, i had to do research on progressive movement, and your site gave me facts from every angle, thanks,

What a great page!! I am a 52 year old nurse, who happened by while researching the Studebaker Brothers. I have not the faintest idea how to create a page, but it sure looks to me like you've done all sorts of work. I've added it to my "favorites". You must be a great teacher, and I'm guessing a Christian, as well. Thanks!

Your site entitled Teacher Oz's History Kingdom provided tons of information about the Holocaust and I thank you for it. I am in 8th grade and am doing a Holocaust 375 point project for a class. I was wondering if you would let me use the info off your page. We are required to print off a page from an Internet site about the Holocaust, and list 10 things we have learned. Some sites do not like it if you print some pages, so i figured it would be best to ask permission first. Thank you.

I love your page! I searched for hours on the net looking for Roman Education and you are the only one that gave the exact info for what I needed!

Tracey...Your WebPage is WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much for giving me the address. I'm working on mine right now and I have placed a link to yours. This is awesome. I don't think mine will EVER be anywhere near the quality of yours. I think it's wonderful of you to research all of this information. I know you did it out of love for history, but I can understand why people have used it for personal and classroom use. (Yes, I read the comments people left for you.)
Once again, thank you!!!
See you at school.
----Cynthia J.

In my efforts to find some of the very best information on World War II for our students, I was referred to your page by another one of our technologists. Not only is it an attractive site with quite a bit of useful information, it seems you update it regularly. I have linked it to a track that our students will be using next week to research World War II.
----Dustin W.

I was looking up things for a report on W.W.I. I cam across your site, it's very good. Thank you for making such a complete site.

Thanks for excellent web site it's been very helpful, all of the family think it's fantastic
yours truly,
----John and Sally, Daneil,Samuel,Jessica,and not forgetting Jasmine

Spasibo! I've learnt alot from reading the sites and parts of the articles from your web. I like to know more about Russia and Russian. Thanks you. This is a wonderful visit! swear to GOD!


I Was looking for maps of WWII all over the web sites. I came across your site and instantly found the right site and will keep using it for my history classes. Your links and information is what the doctor order. Thanks again for a great site.

HOLY COW!!!!!! It's so organized and easy to search! Your site is definitely going to be used when I have to do research papers for my AP European History class. I only regret not finding it earlier this year. The fact that you're a teacher lends authenticity to the information I find too. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this site!!
Grateful High School Student,

My name is Cyndie and I am a freshmen in high school. Today I am using your website to look up some topics on the Middle Ages for two headline newspaper covers I have to make for my Western Civilization class. Your website is helping me so much and I just wanted to thank you for spending time on making it. I am definitely going to be coming back to get information to help me in my Western Civ class. Thanks again! Bye-bye!

I just wanted to say that as a historian and a librarian your site is one of the best indexes of ancient history I have ever seen. As a Rome-aholic I have to tell you that I started drooling when I say the list of "Roman Warfare" links.
Thank you for the excellent work and keep it up.
----Michael W.

I just wanted to say thank you for having a lot of information on the punishments of middle ages because i am doing a report and i couldn't find anything!!!!!!!!! so just again i wanted to thank you again for taking time out of your life to do this. Thank you

I discovered your site while searching for resources for my 8th graders American History project. WOW! This has such a wealth of usable information/links. I appreciate all the work you have put into this.
----Linda F., 8th grade teacher

I just have to congratulate you for coming up with a completely thourough list of the many fashions that the world has gone through. Never have I seen something on the history of fashion so facenating. I have spent so long going through the many web pages that you have listed. As a fashion student, this page is so completely helpful. I will bookmark it and use it often for various homework assignments and just for my own entertainment. Thank you!

Just thought you'd like to know that your Web site was mentioned in the Atlanta Journal Constitution ( Dec. 29, 1999) in the Food section for a good site to link up with food and fashion history. Way to go!
Keep up the good work,

I rarely if ever send comments on websites that I visit, but felt compelled to in this case. Your pages are nothing less than a spectacular historical tour through those dark years early in our century.
I was a young soldier stationed in Mannheim, GE from 1992-1994 and was fortunate enough to take two trips to the town of Bertchesgaden. It was there that my interest in the history of WWII and the Third Reich took hold. My Grandfather served in the Third Army during its march from Northern France, south through the country, and on to Germany. Your site offers so much perspective on the feelings those soldeirs must have had. Setting foot on the actual ground of historical events sometimes does that to people, and I'm thankful that it did. I'm also thankful that I found this website so full of accurate information presented in a non-biased fashion.
This site truley reinforces the old saying that we learn from our past. I only hope that many others take advantage of the work that you have obviously spent many hours developing.
My thanks to you, I look forward to spending much time here reading and learning.
----Brad A. J., Iowa

I am writing from the Times Educational Supplement (TES) newspaper in London, England. We are currently in the process of getting teachers to write short reviews of websites that they have found useful in their teaching. One teacher has written a short recommendation of your website.